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                               The birth of fear


The story centers about the initial outbreak of the virus. On a remote island, an immune patient named Porter is being held in a lab by scientists trying to create a vaccine. Porter forces a lockdown of the station and spreads the virus outside of the lab by infecting a mouse.

When four friends on a bachelor party boat ride land on the island, two of them are infected by swimming in the contaminated water. Searching for help, they make their way to the science lab but find everyone inside infected or dead. The two surviving friends leave the island with Porter. Tricking them into drinking contaminated water and destroying the motor, Porter is the only person to leave the island in the end.























                                                                                  Copyright(C) 2007 - 2020. All rights reserved



Directed by

Kaare Andrews

Produced by Evan Astrowsky
Jaime Pina
Written by

Jake Wade Wall

Starring Sean Astin
Jillian Murray
Currie Graham
Lydia Hearst

Music by

Kevin Riepl

Distributed by

Image Entertainment

Release date(s)

June 26, 2014 

Running time 91 Minutes
Language English