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This section is devoted to the classic action films I have watched whilst growing up - and the focus is indeed on the three main powerhouses.....Van Damme, Stallone and Schwartzenegger respectively. Of course the movies were not just high on action....they were also entertaining, far from believable and of course on many occasions they lacked a coherent storyline - but what the hell in my view these films were (and still are) priceless. The first of these movies to come into my possession was the Terminator (as a young child I didnt question the fact that my biological father had brought me an 18 movie) and what followed were many of the films I have highlighted in this section.

Each of the sub sections contains a little history of the three main musclemen and the movies which they star in, primarily based around the 1980s and 1990s. Of course we cannot forget that these actors are still making high quality flicks......which we all enjoy....yet I feel that they cannot capture what their films offered in my era.

As I continue to add to this section  it has recently come to my attention that maybe I am overlooking two other great action heroes who were also around at the time I was growing up....namely Steven Seagal and Bruce Willis.

Each of the film listings offer detailed reviews, and my rating of each film in terms of their status as being a classic, and of course would mean that it is a poor level of class, and being excellent.....




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