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Joining the National Probation Service



Upon finishing my Criminology degree I was a little perplexed as to what I should do next. Whilst I had no desire to join the Police or Prison Service I had been advised by two of my previous lecturers that a career in the Probation Service would be something I may be suited to. So I applied, and after completing three separate stages of the application process, I was a trainee PO.....


DATE: 2003


Life as a Probation Officer



The traineeship consisted of a two year introduction to the Probation Service, which included work based learning, real time work and the completion of a degree within the two year period. The course was described as being intensive and extremely demanding - and it didn't disappoint! The course was split into two stages (representing a year per stage) and I have included all of the academic and work based learning undertaken.

This section outlines my time as a Probation Officer, a career that I have found both demanding and rewarding. My involvement with the Service comes at a time when it is under public and media scrutiny, yet for me the Service plays a vital and effective role within the Community Justice System.


Phase 1

Phase 2

End Of The Traineeship - Documentation

DATE: 2003 -2005

Life as a Newly Qualified Officer

DATE: 2005- 2006

Life as an Offender Manager

DATE: 2006 -2011

Life as a Senior Probation Officer (SPO)

 DATE: 2012 -


The Probation Service - Information



 DATE: 2003 - 2013


This section offers information on what the Probation Service has to offer (2006 - 2012). In my opinion the Service is more than equipped to meet the needs of managing risk within the community and protecting the public.....who needs contestability.





Transforming Rehabilitation (TR1)



 DATE: 2013

In 2012/13 the Government announced that there would be changes to the way in which Probation Services were to be delivered across England and Wales. In essence - during this period of austerity the Government needed to save money - and so made the decision to dismmantle a hugely sucessful Public Service and farm as many of its offender services out to the Private and Voluntary sectors......and this was done without any forethought and in a very swift timeframe...As part of the staff seperation exercise I ended up remaining as an SPO with the National Probation Service (NPS), with many of my colleagues/friends being shipped out to CRC's, based primarily on the type of cases they were holding on one particular day. Please enter and read how the Probation Trusts were dismantled, and the delivery of probation services changed forever...


Life as an NPS Manager Post TR




Post Transforming Rehabilitation - The    National Probation Service



DATE: 2019

Since the Probation Service 'split' in June 2014 there has been no stability within Probation Services - the Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC's) have all encountered massive problems - not only ion terms of delivering a service, but in staffing, taking Government bail outs, failing to protect the public, increasing SFO's - the list goes on. The National Probation Service are not much better - staffing issues, stress and burn out for officers due to high/heavy caseloads - an omin-shambles is a well used phrase I think sums this up. In 2018 the Government announced a re-alignment of CRC contract areas (and so new CRC contracts from 2020) - 10 CRC areas and 10 NPS Divisions in perfect harmony- it will be interesting to see how this pans out. I think they have the right idea in Wales - bringing the private Probation Services back under state control - a blueprint for future service provision....we shall see. I remain within the NPS as a Divisional Manager...although I dont think I have ever been as dissolusioned with the service as I am these days....




Transforming Rehabilitation 2 (TR2)



 DATE: 2021





All work included in this section has been anonymised - all work carefully checked represented by this symbol.

Any names used are fictional, and not true to life.



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