Yes....the 1990s was undoubtedly my decade and this section offers the music video's that defined my teenage years from school through to college and onto University....from classic Britpop to cheese, from Rap to Rock....OH YES the nostalgia!!







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Nostalgia - childhood bits and pieces/artefacts/memories



























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This section of the website brings together everything that I couldnt really categorise or place within a stand alone area/primary website links.

The animated gif section offers all of the images used within this site, and these images can be saved/downloaded by right clicking the chosen image with the mouse. These images have been taken from other sites and all appear to be free from Copyright/Prohibitions.

The childhood section contains various artefacts, memories and memorabilia which I retained from that era. This includes school certificates and reports, scrapbooks, children's programmes and the movies I watched as a child.

The Titanic section details everything Titanic related - understandingw hat happened to the ship of dreasm is something that has always fascinated me and I have watched countless progranmmes and read a number of books - of course the 1997 film really captured my imagination and probably fuelled my lifelong interest.

I will of course continue to add further sub sections as time elapses.



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