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This site.....


For Jacob and Noah......

The idea for this website originally formed way back in 2003, taking on its structure from 2007 through the WYSIWYG NAMO platform. Enabling the site to grow and evolve has been difficult - time being the greatest issue - but I add to it as and when I can - if I make it to retirement I will have plenty of time to work on it then....

In producing this site I am looking to leave something of me behind - perhaps for my children and those close to me to cast an eye over when I am long gone. This little piece of cyberspace is my 'something'  - it says something about me and  offers a small window into my journey through life....


So far I have sought to include the following sections within this site - yet they are all section which are likely to remain 'works in progress' given the demands of life away from website construction and the ever changing world in which we live in.....

The Care System: An account/collection of my experiences and thoughts growing up in state care - Childrens Homes and Foster Hones....a period of time in which the state took on the parental role....(Complete)

Family:  A frank, stark, honest yet sometimes disturbing look at my (unconventional) family and relationships/friendships....(Under Construction)

Education, Training & Employment: Elements of my schooling/journey through the education system - through FE college(s) and eventually Higher Education. This section then charts my progression through the world of employment, and the development of my career....(Under Construction)

Academia: The essays/studies/notes/work completed through my academic years. Primarily the subject areas of - Psychology, Sociology, Geography and Criminology. (Complete)

The National Probation Service: Work completed within the two years of PO training, largely through NVQ and a BA Hons in Community Justice. Further works reflect periods of a Newly Qualified, Fully Qualified Probation Officer and life as a Probation/NPS Manager. This will also reflect the changes within the Service. (2003 onwards), including the 'Transforming Rehabilitation' agenda which essentially dismantled the Probation Service......and Transforming Rehabilitation 2 (TR2)...Re-unification as from 2021......(Under Construction)

Horror: A niche interest of mine - horror movies from the 1960's onwards - reviews, plots, trailers and an array of information - and still I search for those movie that unsettle and unnerve me...... (Under Construction)

Existenz: Ever since childhood I have been fascinated with space - the planets, the solar system and the universe - whether that's in the form of movies, radio shows or through Academia I have always wondered.....(Under Construction)

Old Time Radio: An old, yet personal interest of mine which incorporates 1940's/50's/60's sci-fi, horror and crime radio shows. Different or niche - maybe - I just stumbled across these shows within my childhood and have been hooked ever since......(Under Construction)

Cult Classics:  A section that reviews some of the best cult movies I have seen.....(Complete)

War: I am not sure where the element of war began to hold a degree fo fascinationf or me - whether it was in sitting in a classroom studying history or watching a great war movie - I am still not sure. This section provides some of my personal areas of interest in humanitys best efforts to destroy ....(Under Construction)

Paleontology: This section encompasses my interest in dinosaurs (again) as a youngster....actually who am I kidding - I still love dinosaurs now.....in another life I would have been a Paleontologist I am sure....my dream job! (Under Construction)

X: This area of the site is devoted primarily to those unanswered questions and mysteries we all contemplate at one time or another - for me this interest in the 'paranormal' began with the X-Files in the 1990's - they said the truth was out there......(Under Construction)

Miscellaneous: Childhood nostalgia, other interests, pets, the 1990's,  animated GIF'S, Photos, other passions and anything else that doesn't fall into the other categories. (Under Construction)

Memento Mori:  'We are all mortal'- yet memories and events can live on after we leave - here is my Photo Album. For those seeing access - use your name and the full Universal passsword. (Under Construction)




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