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This was a subject I completed at FE College during the 1990s, and at that time my destiny lay in becoming a Geography Teacher (and who knows its not too late yet). My interest in this subject stemmed from GCSE level, and my particular fields were in the areas of plate tectonics and climate.

My recollections of the two years are somewhat vague, although I can of course recall the lecturers name and mannerisms (Mr Peter Rowbotham) and the field trips the group went on. My one particular memory is of standing on a beach in Humberside (I think we were looking at land erosion) in freezing cold weather and driving rain, which I guess is what Geography is all about. Whilst I did not continue to study Geography at a higher level I would like to pick up the subject again at some point in the future.

What I do have thus far is a collection of work undertaken throughout the two years of study, including lecture notes and tests. I came out with a B grade at the end of the two years, which isnt bad!



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Geography Works

Plate Techtonics (A)

 Industry (A)

 Soils (A)

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Ecosystems (A)

Hydrology (A)

Weathering (A)

Settlement (A)

Population (A)