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Psychology was never a favourite subject of mine - yet for some reason I found myself completing an A-Level in it, and further down the line undertaking various Psychology modules within my Criminology and Community Justice degrees.

Within this section I have sought to collaborate all of the work I completed within the remit of Psychology - this will be a mixture of works from both A-Level and Degrees.

Unforunately I have only been able to retrieve a limited amount of the work I completed....the rest is lost forever......








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Psychology Works

Aggression (A)

Prejudice (A)

Abnormality (A)

Social Influence (A)

  Demand Characteristics (A)

Behaviourism (A)

Attraction (A)

Bias (A)

Ethics (A)

Milgram (A)



Conservation (A)

The Stroop Test (A)

The Matching Hypothesis (A)

Memory (A)