"I don't deal with psychos. I put them away. '


Marion Cobretti, a rough Police officer with a reputation for doing "the dirty work" is called in to a hostage situation at a grocery store when negotiations fail. Cobretti kills the gunman himself after infiltrating the building, but before his death the criminal mumbles of a "New Order" in the world: a group of supremacists who believe in killing the weak and leaving only the strongest and themselves to live and rule the world. It would seem that this event is connected to a string of violence that has broken out in Los Angeles, and unbeknown to the general populace these murders are the work of the same supremacist group that the supermarket gunman spoke of.

After witnessing several individuals (and the Order's leader) at the scene of one of the murders late at night, Nielson's character becomes the target of the group, and the only witness to their crimes. She is placed under the protective custody of Cobretti and his partner. After several attempts are made on their lives, it is decided that it would be safest that they relocate from the city.

Shortly after venturing out into the countryside, and Cobretti becoming romantically involved with the witness, one of the Order's leaders (disguised as a Policeman) reveals the location of Cobretti, the witness, and Cobretti's partner. The Order sieges the small town that the three were staying in. Cobretti and the witness escape in a pick-up truck assuming his partner is dead. However after the truck becomes severely damaged, the two bail out into a lemon grove and escape into a nearby factory. Most of the Order have been killed or disabled by Cobretti at this point, and only few follow them. After eliminating every member apart from the ruthless, musclebound leader, Cobretti and the leader engage in a hand-to-hand duel inside the steel mill, ending with the Order's leader being impaled and burned alive by Cobretti.












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Directed by George P. Cosmatos
Produced by Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus
Written by Paula Gosling
Sylvester Stallone
Starring Sylvester Stallone
Brigitte Nielsen
Reni Santoni
Brian Thompson
Andrew Robinson
Art LaFleur
Lee Garlington
Music by Sylvester Levay
Distributed by Cannon Films
Release date(s) May 23, 1986 (USA)
Running time 87 min.
Language English