"You must learn to be faster than any punch or kick, that way won't get hit.'


The story commences with Eric Sloan, an American kickboxing champ, travelling to Thailand in the aim of taking on and defeating the Thailand champion, Tong Po. Sloan is convinced he will win (as Americans always do), although his cornerman and brother Kurt Sloan (Van Damme) is not so confident. As the fight goes on it doesn't take long for the brothers to realise that this Po guy is a hardman and they are outmatched....and so they throw in the towel. However Tong Po has other ideas and continues to fight, and he eventually paralyzes Eric.

Whilst Eric writhes in agony and ends up in the hospital Kurt vows to avenge his brother by defeating Tong Po in the ring. He ends up in a remote area of Thailand to train with a famous trainer, the legendary Xian Chow, who eventually agrees to train him in the art of Muay Thai, which translates as Thai boxing.

Whilst there Eric hooks up with a local girl along with undertaking constant training, and even his brother turns up in his wheelchair to help his brother. However as Eric becomes more and more powerful the local Thai mobsters get a little worried that this American will interfere in their work in the underground kickboxing game, and so eventually Eric is forced into a death match against Tong Po. In what they call the 'ancient way' the contestants wrap their hands in hemp rope, coat the rope with resin, and then dip their hands in broken glass to make their hands deadly weapons. there are thrills and spills along the way and we see Van Damme in prime condition leading up to the epic battle.....and I will let you guess as to who emerges the victor of this titanic tussle......












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Directed by Mark DiSalle
David Worth
Produced by Mark DiSalle
Written by Mark DiSalle
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Glenn Bruce
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Dennis Alexio
Dennis Chan
Michel Qissi
Music by Paul Hertzog
Distributed by Cannon Film Distributors
Release date(s) April 20, 1989
Running time 105 min
Language English