And you... you're a f**king idiot who never figured out that the only   

         way to make anything of himself with all that fancy kicking was on Broadway.


Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a Time Enforcement Commission (TEC) Agent. Walker was once just an ordinary police officer who was one day offered the chance of a lifetime, to time travel and enforce it. This choice turns his life upside down and brings him into conflict with the corrupt Senator Aaron McComb (Ron Silver).

Prior to working at the TEC, Walker's wife Melissa (Mia Sara) was killed in a raid on their home which resulted in the house being destroyed in a huge explosion with Melissa inside. Max is constantly haunted by her memory and is also tormented by the idea that it is possible to save her by travelling back. However, changing the past would mean breaching his vow to protect the timeline from alteration through time travel.

On a mission to arrest his former partner, Lyle Atwood, Walker travels back to 1929 to discover Atwood using knowledge from the future to buy up large stocks, which will in the future be worth millions. Walker confronts Atwood who reveals that he has been collecting money for Senator Aaron McComb who is gathering money to become the US President. Despite Altwood's pleas for his life Walker tells him that he will have to take him in, hoping he will testify against Senator McComb - however his hopes are short lived.

With the knowledge of a possibly corrupt senator, Walker is intent on finding out more. Accompanied by a new partner, Sarah Fielding, he is given a mission to investigate a time fluctuation in 1994 at a computer factory. At the factory Walker sees the young McComb, and then the future version of McComb arrives.....explaining to his younger self that he needs to take over the company who owns the factory as it will be worth billions in the future. Things get worse for Walker when he discovers that Fielding is also corrupt. after a brief altercation McComb escapes back to the future and Walker follows him...only to discover that things have changed......

It seems that the TEC has been de-commissioned, and realizing that this is due to McComb's meddling he knows that his only chance is by going back in time. Walker returns to 1994 and manages to track down Fielding in hospital (she was shot by McComb). She agress to testify, yet in a preditable twist Walker stumbles across his wifes blood samples, discovering that she is pregnant. Whilst he cannot prevent Fielding from being murdered he vows to save his wife....He tracks her down and explains te situation, which she finds it a little difficult to digest. The final battle ensues at Walker's home....with the younger and older Walker's battling against McComb and his men. Whilst McComb isnt too bothered about living (afterall his younger version is still around) he decides to blow up the house.......however Walker has other ideas....









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Directed by Peter Hyams
Produced by Sam Raimi
Robert Tapert
Written by Mike Richardson
Mark Verheiden
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Mia Sara
Ron Silver
Bruce McGill
Gloria Reuben
Music by Mark Isham
Robert Lamm
Distributed by MCA/Universal Pictures
Release date(s) September 16, 1994
Running time 98 min.
Language English