The 6th Day



         All I know is that there is somebody in my house, eating my birthday cake,   

                  with my family, and its not me.


The film opens with a game of American Football in which one of the players, Johnny Phoenix, is mortally injured. As he is taken away in an ambulance, a Millenium Security agent, Robert Marshall, finishes him off by turning the machines off, but the news the next day announces that he will return for the next games: he has been illegally but secretly cloned, since while animal cloning is now perfectly normal, human cloning has been banned for years.

Adam Gibson, a Double-X Charter pilot, faces his own problems with cloning: it is his birthday, and the family dog has just been euthanased by a veterinarian due to a dog disease, and Adam, who distrusts the cloning company, RePet, refuses to have the dog cloned, causing a row with his wife. While at work, his best friend, Hank Morgan, convinces him to at least check RePet out, switching places with him for a meeting with Michael Drucker, the Double-X Charter CEO. Adam visits RePet, and is almost tempted to clone his dog, but his eyes fall on a SimPal (life-sized animated dolls), which he gets for his daughter as promised. When he arrives home, however, he sees that he and the dog have been cloned, and the unaware clone of Adam has beaten him home. A group of assassins (Marshall, Talia, Wiley and Vincent) attempt to kill Adam, but Adam manages to escape in his cadillac, killing Wiley and Talia in the process. He goes to the police, who see him as a psychiatric patient (the clone had previously reported the "theft" of the cadillac) and contact the assassins to kill him. Adam manages to evade them, and kills a cloned Wiley by breaking his neck.

Adam seeks refuge in Hank's apartment, and tells him everything. The two go to Adam's house, where Adam very nearly kills his clone from behind, but relents, and they leave without alerting the clone or Adam's family. In Hank's apartment, however, an Anti-Cloning Fundamentalist, Tripp, arrives and kills Hank. In the ensuing fight, Tripp escapes with a gunshot wound to the stomach, but is unable to escape from the car park. Adam finds him on the verge of death, and Tripp reveals that Hank was in fact a clone, since he killed the real Hank that same afternoon so he could kill Drucker, who was also a clone, and the man behind the cloning is Dr. Griffin Weir. Tripp kills himself with a gun, and Adam again manages to escape from Talia and Marshall, killing both of them and taking Talia's thumb to use her car.

Adam decides to take matters into his own hands and stop the cloning. Weir, meanwhile, loses his wife, who he had cloned five years before, to Cystic Fibrosis. Weir runs a check on the DNA of all the people he has cloned, and finds that they all have congenital defects: they will die in 1-5 years unless they perform favours for Drucker, the mastermind behind the whole thing. Adam, with a smuggled gun and hostage guard, corners Weir in his lab and demands answers. Weir reveals that the cloning of Adam was in fact an accident: the day Tripp killed Drucker and Hank, Hank and Adam had switched places, leading them to believe that Adam had been killed and not Hank. Weir also tells him that one Adam has to die to cover the cloning up: if word gets out that Drucker is a clone, he loses everything, because human clones have no rights. Acting on Weir's advice, Adam rushes to his daughter's school to save his family in case the assassins target the Adam clone, but arrives too late: Talia and Vincent take them hostage. Adam confronts his clone, and the two agree to work together to rescue them.

Weir, realising Drucker's deception, confronts him in his office. Drucker offers to clone Weir's wife again, but Weir refuses, as his wife had requested not to be cloned again. Weir resigns, but Drucker shoots him in the head, planning to clone both Weir and his wife with no memories of the past incident. Adam contacts Drucker and makes a deal with him to recover his family in exchange for Drucker's Syncording, the only proof of Drucker's cloning. The assassins go back on the deal, and capture Adam, while the clone is left at the Double-X Charter base with the syncording. In Drucker's office, Drucker reveals to Adam that it is in fact he, and not the other Adam, who is the clone. He offers a heartbroken Adam to give up the original and resume his life, but he refuses. They knock him out and take his Syncording, revealing the original to be at the base. However, Adam had faked the syncording: the original was behind Adam the whole time, and Adam didn't look at him to keep him out of his memory. In the ensuing fray, Drucker is shot by Wiley in the stomach, and Drucker shoots Wiley back, giving instructions not to revive him. Drucker attempts to clone himself while Adam kills the assassins off one by one. Adam confronts the new Drucker, and knocks him out.

The original, meanwhile, locates his family and rescues them, returning to aid Adam against the killers. With the help of a bomb planted in the building, the two Adams manage to escape just before the explosion, which kills Drucker and all of his men. The next day, Adam visits his family one last time, giving them Hank's cat, and leaving them for good (under the pretense that he will be back soon). He bids farewell to the original Adam, and leaves the US to start his own business in Argentina.


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Directed by Roger Spottiswoode
Produced by Mike Medavoy
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jon Davison
Written by Cormac Wibberley
Marianne Wibberley
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Michael Rapaport
Tony Goldwyn
Michael Rooker
Sarah Wynter
Robert Duvall
Music by  
Distributed by Columbia TriStar
Release date(s) November 17, 2000
Running time 123 min.
Language English
Budget $82 million


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