Conan The Destroyer

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                Why are they trying to kill us?........Maybe they want to capture us,

                    and torture us to death.


As the film begins a group of troops led by Queen Taramis surrounds Conan and his partner, Malak and try to capture them. However as she realizes the difficulty of such a task she requests her bodyguard signals a truce, and subsequently asks Conan to carry out a task for her. he initially declined, yet when she offers to resurrect Valeria he accepts - and he needs to capture a gem from a wizard, and to retrieve a magic horn that has the power to awaken the dreaming god Dagoth. However she also instructs her bodyguard to kill Conan after he has retrieved the items....

As the band head towards their destination they accumulate more friends to help them in their quest; Conan saves Akiro who subsequently joins the group, and he then frees a woman, Zula, who also joins them. Inside the castle the wizard has been observing the groups journey through the gem and slips out to kidnap a member of the group. This of course leads the rest of the group to the Castle, and after an epic battle with a monster Conan completes his first task and the gem is recovered.

On the way back to find the horn, the Queen's elite guards attack and try to take Jehnna, but the group, excluding Bombaata, fights back and prevents their escape. Bombaata then attacks Conan, but Jehnna stops him. When Conan recognizes the attackers as Queen Taramis elite guards, he questions Bombaata about the attack. After some rest, they reach the place of the horn: a mysterious fortress. Jehnna leads them through the main entrance to the crypt. When they reach the horn, Akiro reads instructions carved on the wall. He finds out that the awakening Dagoth would result in the end of the world. Jehnna places the gem in the appropriate slot, opening the big cave of fire. Jehnna grabs the horn of magical power. They try to leave, but are waylaid by the Dagoth-worshiping keepers of the horn, who want it and Jehnna and they retreat to the crypt. There, Akiro defeats the leader in a magic fight, while Bombaata and Jehnna find a tunnel and escape. Bombaata, seeing the others following, betrays them, starting a landslide that buries Conan, Malak, Zula and Akiro.

Bombaata escorts Jehnna back to the Palace where Queen Taramis immediately orders a ceremony for Jehnna’s birthday and Dagoth’s awakening-day. As the ceremony starts, Jehnna plugs the horn into Dagoth's forehead. The Grand Vizier instructs Taramis to sacrifice Jehnna when Dagoth shows the first sign of life. Conan and the remaining members of the group find a secret entrance to the Palace. Conan and Bombaata meet, and finally face each other one on one, and Conan defeats Bombaata. During the fight, Conan orders Zula to rescue Jehnna from the sacrifice. Zula does so, killing the Grand Vizier in the process. Seeing this, Queen Taramis screams “kill her, kill her, she must be sacrificed” and tries to sacrifice Jehnna herself. Time has run out, however, and Dagoth awakens without any sacrifice and he turns into a uncontrollable monster that attacks anything in reach. Can Conan defeat this uncontrollable monster????






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Directed by Richard Fleischer
Produced by Not stated
Written by Roy Thomas
Gerry Conway
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Grace Jones
Wilt Chamberlain
Music by Basil Poledouris
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 29 June 1984
Running time 103 min
Language English
Budget $18 million


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