Hercules in New York



                       Bucks? Doe? What is all this zoological talk about male and   

                              female animals?


The film begins with Hercules (Schwarzenegger) berating his father Zeus - Hercules wants to walk among mortal men rather than being tied to the land of the gods. Eventually Zeus tires of his sons moaning and blasts him with a lightning bolt, casting him out of Olympus. Hercules gets his wish and he arrives in Mew York, and mixes it with various New Yorkers. Of course these people do not recognise his divinity - yet when he becomes a professional wrestler he becomes a bit of a celeb.

Zeus, watching Hercules from the heights, becomes increasingly irritated with Hercules making a mockery of the divine, and calls upon Nemesis to bring Hercules to grief. After Mercury makes an unsuccessful attempt to bring Hercules back of his own will, Zeus orders Nemesis to see to it that Hercules is consigned to the infernal regions ruled over by Pluto. However, Juno, the hero's ever-jealous stepmother, has her own plans for Zeus's wayward offspring...















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Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman
Produced by Aubrey Wisberg
Written by Aubrey Wisberg
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Stang
James Karen
Deborah Loomis
Ernest Graves
Tony Carroll
Music by John Balamos
Distributed by  
Release date(s) February 25, 1970
Running time 91 mins.
Language English
Budget Not stated


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