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                  Hello, Mr. Davis. My name is Jack Carter, and you don't want to know me.


Jack Carter (Stallone) is a cool and calculating mob enforcer who is known for his physical means of getting the job done. When told that his brother Richie was killed in a drunk driving accident, Jack returns home to Serattle where he tries to make amends with Richie's wife, Gloria (Richardson), and his niece Doreen (Cook). Jack also investigates Richie's death after he realizes Richie was murdered. While he starts snooping around, his mob partner in Las Vegas, Con McCarty (McGinley), covers for him with the mob boss, Fletcher. A secondary plot revolves around an affair Carter was having with Fletcher's girlfriend, Audrey (Mol).

His first stop in his investigation is with loan shark Cliff Brumby (Caine), the owner of the club that Richie managed. Brumby does not believe Jack's allegations of murder, but does tell him that Richie was having an affair with Geraldine (Mitra), an associate of local boss Cyrus Paice (Rourke).

Cyrus is Jack's old enemy, and while Jack cannot get anything from Cyrus, Cyrus unknowingly leads Jack to Jeremy Kinnear (Cumming), a wealthy computer mogul who uses Cyrus's services for female accompaniment, as well as Eddie (Strong), one of the club's strongest bouncers and enforcers. Although he cannot get any straight answers, Jack continues to pursue the truth, carefully examining the surveillance tapes from Brumby's club, looking for anything that might offer any sort of clue.

Jack discovers that Cyrus had made an amateur porn movie where he and Geraldine would pick up different young girls, drug them and rape them. Jack watches the film and learns that Doreen was one of the victims. Cyrus and those who helped him make the disc did not know that Doreen was Richie's daughter. Before he died, Richie was given the disc by Geraldine. Richie was murdered as he was taking the disc to the police, with Cyrus having it set up to look like an accident. Con and a fellow gangster from Las Vegas track Jack down and confront him after Jack says he is done with Vegas. After knocking both of the men out, Jack has a talk with Doreen about what happened.

Intending to settle the score, Jack begins a path of vengeance. He gets a frantic, apologetic call from Geraldine who tells him Paice was coming to kill her. After he finds Geraldine's body, Carter heads straight to Eddie's apartment, and throws Eddie off of a balcony to his death. Carter gets involved in a car chase with Con and the other gangster, only to lose them when he causes them to lose control of their vehicle. Visiting Kinnear's house, he confronts Cyrus, who tells Jack that he should be going after Kinnear, because Kinnear is the man behind Ritchie's murder. Jack has a vicious fight with Cyrus, losing at first only to return and beat Cyrus. The fight ends with Jack holding a pistol to an unconscious Cyrus, the scene cuts abruptly and whether Cyrus is killed or not is unseen. He then confronts Kinnear, who says that all he told Cyrus to do was get the disc back from Richie, not kill Richie, and that it was Cyrus and Brumby who killed Richie. Carter decides to not kill Kinnear.

After getting a call from Audrey, who breaks up with him, Carter confronts Brumby as Brumby is breaking into his car to retrieve the disc. Brumby admits that he was involved in the murder and, as he is walking away, Carter shoots him in the back. After settling the score for his dead brother, Carter starts thinking that maybe collecting debts for a mob boss is not the life for him, having formed a bond with Doreen. He leaves for whereabouts unknown.





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Directed by Stephen Kay
Produced by Mark Canton
Neil Canton
Elie Samaha
Written by Ted Lewis
Starring Sylvester Stallone
Miranda Richardson
Rachael Leigh Cook
Mickey Rourke
Michael Caine
Music by Tyler Bates
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) October 6, 2000
Running time 102 minutes
Language English
Budget $ 40,000,000