The deadliest disease ever discovered is about to be unleashed on the world


NATO operative Jacques Kristoff (Van Damme) is summoned into action to track down Galina Konstantin, who has stolen an extremely valuable and dangerous top-secret cargo. Finding Galina doesn't take long, and Jacques must wrap up the mission by returning Galina and the contraband to his superiors by train. Jacques's physician wife Madeline isn't happy about this turn of events, no doubt having invested a small fortune in a Berlitz correspondence course and a year of acting lessons for Jacques's birthday.

But she sees him off at the train station with the couple's teenaged daughter Bailey Kristoff and son Ethan Kristoff. It seems Galina's ill-gotten gain is three vials of SP-43, an ultra-virulent strain of smallpox, cultured in fluorescent green serum. It also seems that a group of terrorists, led by Mason Cole, intend to hijack the train and steal the virus for their own ends. But standing in their way is Jacques.

The virus ends up getting loose in the train's ventilation system. Unfortunately, Jacques's family picked this special moment to surprise him for his birthday by tagging along for the ride. Jacques becomes a one-man army as he fights to protect his family and the other passengers, and stop Cole and his followers.












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Directed by Bob Misiorowski
Produced by  
Written by Boaz Davidson
Jace Anderson
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Tomas Arana
Laura Harring
Music by Serge Colbert
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 15 October 2002
Running time 89 min
Language English
Budget $18,000,000 (estimated)