The Shepherd: Border Control



                                         When He Gaurds The Border No One Gets Past ... Alive.


Former New Orleans cop Jack Robideaux (Van Damme) has just arrived with his pet rabbit in Columbus, New Mexico to take a job with the border patrol, working for Captain Ramona Garcia. At the moment, the border patrol is up against a highly dangerous drug smuggling operation in which the smugglers are funneling illegal aliens and bricks of heroin through the porous defenses of the Mexico/U.S. border, and randomly outfitting migrants with C4 so any border patrol agent who interferes will get blown up.

As it turns out, the smugglers are a rogue special forces unit led by Benjamin Meyers and his right-hand man Karp, who have taken over all of the smuggling operations in the area by killing major drug kingpins Felix Nestor and Benito Ortiz. Jack and his partner Billy Pawnell have their work cut out for them in trying to bring down Meyers and his operation, and after a chase after a bus that's smuggling drugs, Jack gets kidnapped by some corrupt Mexican cops who are working for Meyers.

Once Jack is taken from a Mexican jail to Meyers's compound, it turns out that Billy is working for Meyers, and that Meyers and Billy have also kidnapped Ramona and Ramona's uncle Emile. Meyers kills Emile by throwing him into a pool of water that is electrically charged by wires going into it. It turns out that Jack has a personal reason for going after Meyers -- Meyers's drugs killed Jack's daughter Kassie about three months ago, and Kassie was barely 16-years-old. Jack's pet rabbit was Kassie's rabbit, and he carries it around in memory of Kassie. Billy takes Jack and Ramona to a room where they free themselves and kill Billy. Ramona calls for help from Mexican police, and she and Jack start killing Meyers's men. Jack is confronted by Karp, who is a martial arts expert.

They fight, and Jack kills Karp. And that's when Meyers confronts Jack. Meyers shoots Jack, and then Jack throws an explosive toward Meyers and detonates it, killing Meyers. Later, Ramona advises Jack to go back to New Orleans and be with his wife.











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Directed by Isaac Florentine
Produced by Bryan Brucks
Moshe Diamont
Written by Cade Courtley
Joe Gayton
Starring Jean-Claude van Damme
Scott Adkins
Stephen Lord
Gary McDonald
Natalie Robb
Music by Mark Sayfritz
Distributed by Stage 6 Films
Release date(s) March 4 2008
Running time 96 mins.
Language English
$13 million