Collateral Damage



                  You two make quite a team. A fireman and a refugee. Sounds like a T.V. show.....

                    (Arnie).....Mm-Hmm, and you could play the asshole.


The movie kicks off in a burning building, where we observe fire fighters searching for people who may stillbe alive. One of them, Gordon Brewer (Schwarzeneggar), rescues a woman trapped at the end of a buring corridor amongst his heroics. Back at home he is a family man and settled with his wife Anne and son Matt, and when she asks Gordon to pick them up after a doctors appointment he agrees.

However, Gordy is running late. His wife and son are waiting for him in a plaza near the Colombian consulate. "The Wolf", Claudio Perrini, disguised as a police officer, pulls up to the consulate in a motorcycle. He leaves the motorcycle in front of the entrance and starts to leave. Gordon parks near the consulate and sees the Wolf as he comes by. Gordon thinks he is a police officer, and tells him that he is just parking for a second to pick up his wife and son. The Wolf smiles and nods, then leaves. Gordon sees his wife and starts across the street to her when the bomb in the motorcycle explodes. His wife and son are killed, as well as some people in the consulate......

Whilst recovering Gordon sees footage of the explosion, and works out that the cop was the terrorist. he informs the FBI and whilst questioned, he learns more about The Wolf. He finds out that these terrorists were retaliating for CIA operations within Columbia and that there is little they could do. Gordon is not a happy man and decides to go after the wolf himself.

After evading a lot of guerillas in the jungle, Gordon finally makes it to where The Wolf is staying. He is immediately targeted by the terrorists, who want to hold him for ransom, and the CIA and police, who don't want him to stir up anything. However the Police get to him first and he is locked up in prison, where he makes contact with Canadian hustler Sean Armstrong. The terrorists meanwhile attack the prison to try to get to Gordon and free some of their members. Gordon manages to escape and rescue Sean, and he repays the favour by linking him up with Felix Ramirez, who manages the drug production that finances the terrorists. Gordon subsequently destroys the plant and Felix gets the blame.

Gordon next finds himself in the wolf's headquarters, and he plants a bomb in the building. However he spots a woman and child in the building and runs towards them, intending to warn them. The wolf hears this and evades being blown up, whilst his men attack Gordon. He also finds out that the woman is the wolfs wife. Gordon is held captive and attempts to enlist the help of the wolfs wife, yet the CIA end up storming the headquarters and Gordon takes the wolfs wife and son with him as he escapes - the wolf meanwhile has returned to Washington for another attack.

Gordon, Selena, and her son are taken back to the State Department in Washington to help the search effort for The Wolf. While going through the metal detectors, Selena's son's toy dinosaur is not inspected. Selena points out the train station in a photo, and the FBI goes to investigate. Selena excuses herself to go to the bathroom. She tells her son to go with her. When he refuses, she becomes very irritated and angry. Gordon said the son would be fine in the room, and she reluctantly agrees. Gordon is suspicious. He then sees the original terrorist video sent after the first bombing. He realizes that the person in the video makes the same gesture that Selena made. He realizes that she was working with The Wolf, and that the real target was the State Department. He warns everyone to leave, and throws the toy dinosaur out of a window just as it explodes.

He chases Selena down to the basement of the building. The Wolf is waiting for her and they ride away in the underground tunnels beneath the building. Gordon finds the controls and shuts the gates leading out of the tunnels. The Wolf and Selena have to go back to the controls to open them. Gordon break open some gas lines along the walls of the tunnel and waits. As they ride back, Selena shoots at Arnold. Her gun ignites the gas. Arnold jumps through a doorway just as the entire tunnel explodes. When he goes back to survey the damage, Selena and the Wolf attack him - they had survived the explosion. He throws Selena through a control panel and she is electrocuted. The Wolf and Gordon continue fighting......who will emerge the victor????/


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Directed by Andrew Davis
Produced by Hawk Koch
Nicholas Meyer
Written by David Griffiths
Ronald Roose
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Francesca Neri
Elias Koteas
Music by  
Distributed by Warner Bros.
Release date(s) 8 February 2002
Running time 108 min.
Language English
Budget US$85,000,000


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