Totall Recall



                    What about the guy you lobotomized? Did he get a refund?


The filmis set in 2084. Douglas Quaid is a construction worker who has recenlt been experiencing dreams about the planet Mars. After seeing an ad from Rekall, a company that sells imaginary adventures by implanting memories, he decides to buy a vacation on Mars from them - and in this trip he will play the role of a spy.....

After the procedure starts, the doctors at Rekall discover that his mind has already been altered. Quaid starts behaving erratically while trying to break free from the Rekall mind device. After narrowly subduing him, Quaid is returned home with no memories of ever going to Rekall, but then he is attacked by his friends and even his wife, Lori. She tells him that everything he remembers, including their marriage, is falseó only implanted memories. Armed with a video case he left to himself beforehand, he starts to piece together his mission to Mars as a secret agent - and whilst he is pursued by Richter, a man working for mars administrator Vilos Cohaagen, Quaid travels to mars to discover the truth.

On Mars, Quaid finds out that Cohaagen rules an airtight city via his control of air production, and that the poor workers in the city's slum have been turned into mutants from living within cheaply produced domes that do not adequately shield against cosmic rays. He soon makes several allies, such as a cabbie named Benny and the woman from his dreams, Melina. She reveals that Quaid's real name is Hauser, and that he used to be one of Cohaagen's men but then switched sides and tried to join the underground resistance.

Quaid is later confronted by Lori and Dr. Edgemar, the man from the Rekall commercials, who try to convince him that the adventure he's had has been part of the 'vacation' he bought at Rekall. Quaid is now trapped in the ego trip and needs to let them help him recuperate from the paranoia episode he is having. Edgemar convinces Quaid that his experiences to this point and his future as the leader of mutant resistance are all part of the Rekall package he'd purchased. The Rekall man offers Quaid a pill to wake up to the truth, the alternative being lobotomization since he's still hallucinating in the Rekall facilities. Quaid is convinced until he notices the doctor is sweating out of fear and subsequently shoots the doctor in the head.

Melina and Quaid then flee and eventually meet Kuato who is revealed to be a mutant growing out of his own brother's stomach. With Kuato's psychic help, Quaid sees a mysterious alien machine in the Martian mines but then Cohaagen's forces storm the resistance hideout. Kuato is killed and Quaid and Melina are captured, with the help of Benny, who is a traitor. Cohaagen then makes the revelation that Hauser willingly had his mind wiped in order to gain Kuato's trust - the whole incident, with the exception of Richter's maniacal pursuit of Quaid (Lori was Richter's wife), was planned.

Cohaagen provides another video of Quaid's alter ego, Hauser, left for himself. Cohaagen also reveals that the alien machine is real, and that he's decided to eliminate all the rebels by cutting off the air supply to their section of the city. He orders Quaid's mind to be restored to Hauser's and Melina's mind be altered to be subservient. Quaid refuses to go back to being Hauser, and manages to escape with Melina. They hurry to reach the alien machine and activate it. As Melina and Quaid rush to the alien machine, Quaid kills both Richter and Benny on the way. Quaid activates the machine over Cohaagen's protests that it will destroy the planet. In the struggle to activate the machine, Cohaagen is sucked out of the compound onto the airless surface of Mars where he dies of asphyxiation. Quaid and Melina almost die from exposure to the atmosphere as well, but the alien machine activates, creates a breathable atmosphere and saves them and the mutants just in time to see blue skies on Mars......




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Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Produced by Buzz Feitshans
Ronald Shusett
Written by Ronald Shusett
Dan O'Bannon
Jon Povill
Gary Goldman
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Rachel Ticotin
Sharon Stone
Michael Ironside Ronny Cox
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) June 1, 1990
Running time 113 min.
Language English
Budget  $ 65,000,000


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