True Lies



          First I'm gonna use you as a human shield, then I gonna kill this guard over there,

                with the Patterson trocar on the table. Then I was thinking about    

                          breaking your neck.


The movie begins with secret agent Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) infiltrating the alpine chateau of an international arms smuggler.His mission is to track down nuclear warheads stolen from Kazakhstan, and he is aided by fellow secret agents Gibson and Faisall. Whilst he is all action on the job front his home life is completely different - his wife Helen is completely unaware her husband is a spy and thinks that he is a salesman. Helen thinks that he is boring, and the coiples daughter doesn't even respect her father.

Working undercover, Harry and Gib contact Juno Skinner at her Washington D.C. office. It turns out Skinner is using antiques to smuggle the nuclear warheads into the United States on behalf of a radical Islamic terrorist group named "Crimson Jihad". The group's leader, Salim Abu Aziz (Malik), follows Harry and Gib when he believes they are asking too many questions. Harry allows these faction members to tail him, and after a melee in a shopping centre a chase ensues with Harry pursuing Aziz on a stolen motorbike.

Because of this action, Harry is late getting home and misses his own birthday party. To make amends, he visits Helen at her office the next day. He overhears Helen talking with a co-worker about her affair with Simon (Paxton). The subplot that follows involves Harry's use of his agency's surveillance methods to learn more about Helen's liaison with Simon. At first, Harry believes Simon is an enemy agent, but soon discovers that Simon is a used car salesman who pretends to be a spy in order to seduce women. Harry and his team follow Helen to Simon's house, which they raid using SWAT tactics and a helicopter. Helen is taken prisoner and interrogated by Harry and Gib, who have disguised their voices. Under interrogation, Helen admits that she never slept with Simon, but that she craves adventure that she believes her husband can never provide.

Harry gives Helen an assignment he thinks will appeal to her need for excitement. He enlists her in a mock spy operation which leads her to a hotel suite where she performs a striptease for Harry, who hides his face in shadow. Just as Helen discovers Harry through his disguise, the terrorists burst into the room, and Harry and Helen are taken prisoner. At the terrorists' hideout, a small island in the Florida Keys, Aziz reveals that his faction has four of the stolen nuclear warheads and intends to detonate them. One is armed and set to blow up the island. The two are eventually tied up. Helen only finds out more about Harry's secret past when Harry is injected with truth serum from a doctor he eventually kills.

A gun battle follows and most of the terrorists are killed, but one of the stolen nuclear warheads is set to detonate. The remaining terrorists flee the hideout with the other warheads. Harry and Helen separate during the battle. Aziz fires a rocket launcher at Harry, setting off an explosion and thinks he has eliminated Harry, but he escapes by jumping into the water. Helen is taken hostage by Skinner.

Harry and Gib are re-united and they co-ordinate an attack on the terrorist convoy. Meanwhile Helen attacks her kidnapper, and Harry rescues Helen and destroys the nuclear warheads. However things only get worse for Harry when his daughter is kidnapped by Aziz, and Harry must battle to save his daughter.........






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Directed by James Cameron
Produced by James Cameron
Stephanie Austin
Written by Claude Zidi
Simon MichaŽl
Didier Kaminka
James Cameron
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jamie Lee Curtis
Tom Arnold
Bill Paxton
Art Malik
Tia Carrere
Music by Brad Fiedel
Distributed by Universal Studios
Release date(s) July 15, 1994
Running time 144 min.
Language English
Budget $100,000,000   


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