Rambo III



        This is Afghanistan... Alexander the Great try to conquer this country...

      then Genghis Khan, then the British. Now Russia. But Afghan people fight hard,

                  they never be defeated


The film opens with John Rambo resdient in Bangkok - it seems he lives and works at a monastary, and in his spare time participates in stick fightng. We then see Colonel Trautman visiting Rambo, accompanied by a field officer Robert Griggs. They tell Rambo that two million civilians have been slaughtered by the Russians in Afghanistan, and after nine years of fighting the Afghan army is beginning to hold its own - apart from one region which is held by a brutal Societ commander. Trautman tells Rambo that he is going in to this region, and offers Rambo the chance to assist him - however Rambo declines. However it isnt long before we see Trautman being caught by the Russians and held in their camp, leading griggs to return to Rambo and inform him of this. Rambo changes his mind and decides to launcha rescue mission for Trautman.

Rambo meets up with his contact in Afghanistan, who labels him a tourist. Rambo tells him that he plans to storm the Soviet camp on his own, and makes ready with his supplies. Meanwhile we see that Trautman is being brutally tortured by this Russian Colonel, who wants to know the location of supplies for the Afgan rebel fighters.

Rambo and his associate travel through the caves that lead to this camp, yet the Colonel is all too aware that Rambo is on his way. The camp itself is heavily guarded - yet Rambo manages to infiltrate the camp and destroy part of the camp. He makes contact with the colonel but is initially unable to free him, although he does free ofther captives. After sustaining injury, Rambo returns and frees Trautman, and he and the captives escape in a Russian chopper. However the helicopter is shot at and Rambo is forced to make an emergency landing not far from the camp, and the Russians are in hot pursuit. Further gun battles ensue and it looks as though Rambo and Trautman are finally beaten as tanks, choppers and military vehicles surround them......that is until the Afghan rebels arrive. Rambo takes on the Soviet Colonel....and there is only one winner.....








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Directed by Peter MacDonald
Produced by Buzz Feitshans
Written by David Morrell
Sylvester Stallone
Sheldon Lettich
Starring Sylvester Stallone
Richard Crenna
Kurtwood Smith
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) May 25, 1988 (USA)
Running time 101 min.
Language English
Budget $65,000,000 US (est.)