Hard Target



            "It looks like you're short an ear, so you better listen very

                    carefully. Now, who sent those apes after me? '


The film begins with a homeless man being tracked/hunted by Lance Henrikson's group of hunters through the rainey empty streets of New Orleans. The guy eventually meets his maker when he receives a steel arrow to the back. The following day we see the strangers daughter, Natasha Binder, arriving in new Orleans looking for him. As she mingles with street dwellers she arrives in a cafe, where Chance Boudreax (Van Damme) notices that she is holding a wad of cash, which a group of males in the diner also notice. As natasha leaves the group follow and attempt to rob her, yet Deveraux soon despatches them.

Later natasha finds Deverauz at the docks and persuades him to help her find her father. When she discovers that her father was a homeless man, his body is found burnt and Chance goes to the site of his corpse's location to look for the second dogtag because they only found one as evidence and they usually come in two's.

Pik Van Cleef has two of Fouchon's henchmen attack him and tell him to leave town. After beating them up and taking a dogtag with a puncture in it, Deveraux is arrested and taken to the police station where Natasha is. Boudreax's friend Roper applies for a fly-posting job most homeless people (preferably Veterans), which he then is told to show up at a certain location that night. He then is met by Fouchon and his group of henchmen/footsoldiers and is given a belt with $10,000 and is told that if he makes it to the river, he gets to keep the money belt. He is then hunted across a graveyard and is killed on the streets.

Randal, who assigns the flyer hand-outs, tries to leave with his things before Fouchon and Van Cleef notice. Van Cleef approaches him and shoots him in the head with a shotgun. A shootout/chase ensues between Van Cleef and and Boudreax across the streets and a bridge. Chance and Natasha escape on a train just before Fouchon can kill them with his gun. Chance then takes Natasha to his uncle Douvee's home in the sticks, where he is patched-up. However Fouchon, Van Cleef and some bounty hunters are hot on the trail and they are soon tracking th escaped couple. Of course Deveraux leaves a few traps, and when the group arrive at Douvee's house it blows up - the three have escaped.

Deveraux leads them all to the Mardi Gras Graveyard, where a very big shootout ensues. the henchmen are all killed and Chance has a final duel with Fouchon, to which he says the line "Hunting season is over." He drops a grenade he got from Van Cleef (afer he killed him) into Fouchon's pants and head-butts him a fair distance. Fouchon then disassembles part of the grenade and Chance takes cover with Natasha and Douvee. While resting on the ground, Fouchon holds the two parts of the grenade and begins to laugh. A spark appears between the two parts of the grenade and Fouchon says "whoops!".....






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Directed by John Woo
Produced by  
Written by Chuck Pfarrer
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Lance Henriksen
Arnold Vosloo
Music by Graeme Revell
Tim Simonec
Ludwig van Beethoven
Distributed by  
Release date(s) August 20, 1993
Running time 97 min.
Language English
Budget $15 million