"When I first joined the Foreign Legion, I didn't care if I lived or died. Now that

                 you're here, I think I'll stick around. '


Alain Lefevre (Van Damme) is a French boxer in 1920's Marseilles, France. Alain is forced by local crime boss Lucien Galgani to take a dive in a fight. It turns out that Galgani's girlfriend Katrina is also Alain's ex-fiance whom he left standing at the altar. But Katrina forgives Alain, and the two hatch a plan to run off to America together. Alain doesn't take a dive in the fight, but just as the escape plan is about to succeed, Alain's friend gets killed, and Katrina is captured by Galgani's men. But Alain has shot and killed Galgani's brother.

Desperately needing a new escape plan, Alain signs up for the French Foreign Legion, and is shipped to Africa to help defend French territory against a native Arab rebellion.

Along the way, Alain meets some new friends, including an African American who's fled injustice in the States, a former British Army Major with a gambling problem, and a naive Italian boy who wishes to impress his girl back home by returning as a hero. But things will not be easy. The only real way to escape from the Legion is to survive the term of service, and the rebels have them outnumbered. And Galgani has sent his hired thugs into the Legion as well, to find Alain and get revenge for the death of Galgani's brother.
















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Directed by Peter MacDonald
Produced by Christian Halsey Solomon
Kamel Krifa
Sheldon Lettich
Peter MacDonald
Roberto Malerba
Richard G. Murphy
Edward R. Pressman
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Written by Sheldon Lettich
Rebecca Morrison
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Music by John Altman
Distributed by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Release date(s) December 3, 1998
Running time 98 mins
Language English
Budget $35,000,000 (estimated)