You told me to use any tactic that works, never to commit yourself to one style,

                    to keep an open mind!


Bloodsport tells the story of an American man, Frank Dux, who ws trained from his youth in the ways of Ninjutsu by a Japanes master (Tanaka). In honour of his mentor Dux decides to go to Hong Kong to participate in the Kumite, an illegal martial arts tournament whereby the worlds best martial arts contestanrs take part. Of course at the time he is in the US army and so goes AWOL, and so two military law enforcement agents are sent to track him down and arrest him.

After arriving in Hong Kong, Dux befriends fellow American contestant Ray Jackson and eventually becomes involved with a female American journalist, Janice Kent, who is attempting to investigate the secretive Kumite event. As the tournament progresses Dux makes lightish work of his opponents, and advances to the third and final day of the tournament to face the defending Kumite champion, Chong Li. This champion is a man who has the tendancy to cripple and also kill opponents, a man who also hospitalised Dux's friend Jackson within this tournament.

This is the final showdown....and with money changing hands, third party interest and the presence of the two US army enforcers surely thereis no way out for van Damme's character.















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Directed by Newt Arnold
Produced by Mark DiSalle
Yoram Globus
Menahem Golan
Written by Christopher Cosby
Mel Friedman
Sheldon Lettich
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Donald Gibb
Leah Ayres
Bolo Yeung
Norman Burton
Forest Whitaker
Music by Paul Hertzog
Michael J. Bishop
Distributed by Cannon Group
Release date(s) 26 February 1988
Running time 92 mins
Language English
Budget $1,500,000 USD (estimated)