"Its strange - but I think that he is the real cure for this world."


The films begins in the future New York city, a civilisation in which violent anarchy rules and an incurable plague spreads disease and death. one such brutal gang, calling themselves the Flseh Pirates, terrorize those that survive and thrive on death and destruction. They are led by Fender, and we see this group track down a cyborg called Pearl Prophet, who holds data for a cure to the plague. After trying to escape them the cybog is helped by Van Dammes character, a loner by the name of Gibson. However despite his best efforts the pirates take back their prize, and head towards Atlanta, where that data can be analyzed.

After recovering Van Damme follows the trail left by the pirates, and on the way he picks up a female companion. It seems that Gibson has experienced brutality at the hands of this gang in the past - after leading a woman and her children away from the city and setting up home his new family atre cruelly taken away from him by Fender. Through flashbacks we see how Fender drowned Gibsons partner and step son sadistically, and recruited his step daughter to their clan. On the way to Atlanta Gibson and his companion confront the gang, and despite seeing of a few gang members he fails to get cyborg back. Gibson escapes and is pursued by many gang members, and eventually they overpower him and leave him hanging on a ships mast to die.

However Gibson uses his memories of what Fender did to him to break free, and he and his companion continue on to Atlanta. Once there Gibson again confronts the groupof pirates, and after beating the remaining gang members he eventually gets to face fender in one to one combat. A titanic fight ensues between the two.....beofre Van Damme finishes him off. The cyborg reches her destination and Gibson leaves with his step daughter.












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Directed by Albert Pyun
Produced by Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus
Written by Kitty Chalmers
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Deborah Richter
Vincent Klyn
Dayle Haddon
Music by Kevin Bassinson
Distributed by Cannon Films-MGM/UA
Release date(s) 1989
Running time 86 minutes
Language English
Budget $1,800,000 (estimated)