Desert Heat



          'Eddie...get the Hogan brothers....I want my bike back.'


A lone figure rides through the desert on his motorcycle, and after experiencing problems he sits down in the middle of the desert and speaks to his friend, Johhny Twotoes...he talks about making a journey, and about killing himself. The lone man, Eddie Lomax, then pulls out his gun and starts shooting wildly. Unfortunately one of his bullets hits a vehicle containing three nasty pieces of work; the Hogan brothers. They turn up, take Lomax's bike and seemingly kill Lomax, although the younger of the three brothes cannot bring himself to do it and the brothers leave. Lomax is rescued buy his friend Twotoes and completes his recovery with his friend.

We leans that the motorcycle was a gift from Lomax to his friend, and he vows to take back what is his. Twotoes tells him to head into town and base himself in the Diner, which is run by a lady called Rhonda. Lomax learns that the Hogan brothers and their father are bad news, and that they terrorize the town residents; and so he begins a clean up operation. After gaing support from a few of the townsfolk Van Damme decides to play the Hogan brothers off against the heathens; two groups who work side by side. He stirs up trouble by killing a few heathens and making the rest of the group think the Hogan's were responsible. The two groups clash and the Hogan's father dies - before the two groups realise what is going on.

Van Damme and Twotoes battle, with the latter eventually being killed. Lomax hooks up with the residents for one final battle in a bid to free the town of the menace, and exact revenge for the death of his friend. This I feel is one of Van Damme's worst films and should be avoided.











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Directed by John G. Avildsen
Produced by  
Written by Tom O'Rourke
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme Pat Morita Danny Trejo Gabrielle Fitzpatrick  Larry Drake
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 25 September 1999 (USA)
Running time  
Language English