You gave up your family when you joined the legion.


The film commences with Lyon Gautier (Van Damme) working for the Foreign Legion in North Africa. However after receiving a letter from his brothers wife, informing him that his brother is fatally wounded, Lyon requests that he be discharged. However his bosses refuse, and instead give him two weeks hard labour. Lyon takes matters into his own hands and deserts, escaping the pursuing legionnaires and getting a job on a boat, with the promise of taking him to Los Angeles. Meanwhile his Legionnaire boss is not too pleased, and depolys two of his officers to track Lyon back to the return address. After arriving in New York (not LA) he attempts to contact his sister in law - yet he has no money.

Lyon sees some street fighting and thinks he can make money this way....and so he involves himself, quickly establishing a reputation. Here he meets a touter, Joshua, who makes money of Lyon and the two form an unlikley friendship. Lyon needs more money and so finds himself fighting for raised stakes and meets 'the lady,' a woman of power who organises these events. In his first real fight the lady names him Lionheart - and true to form he makes light work of his opponent. The lady (Cynthia) takes him on board and questions him about Los Angeles....but he reveals nothing.

Joshua persuades Lyon that he needs him, and accompanies him to Los Angeles. Lyon goes to the hospital and asks to see his brother, but he finds that his brother died the previous week. We learn that his brother was a drug dealer, and that he was set on fire - and furthermore he left his wife and child in severe financial debt. Lyon goes to his sister in laws address and meets his niece, but the former is not too pleased to see him and sends him on his way. He soon finds himself back in the company of Cynthia, and it is clear what she wants of him....and after seeing his sister in law struggle he agrees to fight.

Meanwhile the two legionnaires dispatched are keeping a close eye on his sister in laws address, and see Lyon hanging around. Lyon continues to win fights, and evades being captured by his pursuers. The Ladt becomes suspicious of his actions and starts to dig into his past. She meets up with his legion pursuers and strikes a deal with them - he is theirs after he has his last fight with Atilla, a ruthless fighter who rips his opponents apart. So it is left to Van Damme to take on this brute - and he takes a pounding before eventually overcoming the monster. His pursuers then escort him away - telling him it is time to go home.....or is it????











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Directed by Sheldon Lettich
Produced by Eric Karson
Ash R. Shah
Anders P. Jensen
Executive Producer
Written by S.N. Warren
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Harrison Page
Deborah Rennard
Brian Thompson
Lisa Pelikan
Ashley Johnson
Ash Adams
Michel Qissi
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release date(s) 11 January 1991 USA
Running time 105 min.
Language English