The Quest



           I thought this was your quest, your dream. Soon it will be a reality.


The film begins in a bar, and an aged character fighting off three violent thugs before revealing to the bartender how he had learned to fight. The character, Christopher Dubois is placed in 1925 Tibet, and appears to be a childrens entertainer who looks after all of the orphaned children around. However after stealing a bag of money belonging to a nasty character he finds himself running from the police and a gang, before stowing away on a ship. As the ship sets sail Burke is discovered and is enslaved, and ust before he is set to die the ship is attacked by another, and Dubois is saved. There he meets Admiral Dobbs (Roger Moore) and his sidekick, who promise to drop him of on an island that will eventually provide a ship back to the United States.

However Dobbs has other ideas and sells Dubois as a fighter to the islands main man (Cowl). There Dubois is trained in the arts of the island, and stars in a tournament in Bangkok. At that same time Dobbs escorts the beautiful journalist Miss Newton to the tournament, and meets up with Dubois. he tells Dobbs to buy him back, and that he must subsides a trip to the lost city, where a tournament is run between the best fighters of the world. Dobbs learns that a golden dragon is taken by the victor and greed propels him to agree. Of course the group need a formal invitation, and learn that the American world champ (Maxie Devine) is on his way, and so they pose as his entourage. As they journey to the lost city it becomes clear to Maxie that Dubois wants to take his place, and after a skirmish he agrees that Dubois will represent the USA.

And then we see the fights begin, with perhaps a ruthless looking fighter from Mongolia the man to be most wary of. Dubois first fight is against Germany, and he easily dispatches him. In fact he makes it to the semis with ease, and after winning his semi it appears that Dobbs and his right hand man have been caught stealing the golden dragon, and are subsequently sentenced to death. Dubois asks the high priest that should he will the final his friends must be set free, and it is agreed. Unfortunately the final is against the huge monster of a mongol, and an epic fight ensues. After the spilling of much blood Dubois emerges the victor, and returns to the USA with his companions.










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Directed by Jean-Claude Van Damme
Produced by  
Written by Frank Dux (story)
Jean-Claude Van Damme (story)
Steven Klein
Paul Mones
Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Roger Moore
James Remar
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1996
Running time 94 min.
Language English