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                                                                                     Case Summary Report for period ____________ to _____________



M spent several short periods in care (Section 2 CCA 1980) prior to his last RIC in 1985. On 23/12/87 XCC sought leave XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and M was placed in care to XCC under matrimonial Causes Act 1973 Section 43.


Access to natural father and paternal grandparents is currently 1 X 12 weekly by agreement. The previous 1 X 6 weekly access of both M and sister, together, being postponed until both children are seen as settled enough in their individual placements to risk a weekend joint access  to natural parent in very uncontrolled and liberal environment. Access to natural mother only just recently raised by M. Both M and J responded very negatively to her pregnancy and subsequent raising of child whilst they were still in care. With access to mother came conversations regarding arrival of baby - M resentful and angry on these occasions which were seen as a healthy response in a child noted generally for his introverted and highly controlled emotional responses.


M's difficulties at the previous foster parents were partly due to his strong need for firm boundaries, routine and consistency: All the behavioural constituents lacking in natural mothers care. the previous foster parents felt, despite information to the contrary, that M would benefit from a liberal unconstrained approach giving the child responsibility for many decisions and thus would promote growth and self responsibility. Unfortunately it promoted his deep insecurity and gave rise to the return of highly competitive sibling rivalry not evident since his initial arrival at the children's home some four years previously. M's behaviour deteriorated rapidly with attacks on his sister becoming commonplace events when she teased him. The foster parents felt that M was ill and they could not cope.

since M's move to second foster parents his need for stability and firm routine has been noted. After the initial trauma of the move when it must have appeared that his sister has 'won again,' he has settled and given a high standard of care. Already showing signs of improvement at school. The quite routine of this household I proving the correct environment for M and it appears that M has decided that he is content and happy in this placement.


Date _____14 August 1990__________                                                        Signed         Social Worker                         


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