Case Conference Report




Report of a case Conference held at XXXXX. 22/07/1985


                      MXXXXX XXXXXXX

                      JXXXXXX XXXXXXX


Present: XX XXXXXXXXX - Consultant Psychiatrist Child Guidance

             XX X XXXXX        - Psychologist

             XXX X XXXXXX   - Charge Nurse

            XXX X XXX            - Senior Social Worker

Apologies: XXX X XXXXXXXXXX - Social Worker

                 XXX X XXXXXXX         - Teacher in Charge

Reason For Conference :  To review progress and decide future action.



On behalf of those not present Mrs SXXXXXX gave verbal reports to the effect that at school there had been no real change in the children, except that M was striving to be co-operative and pleasant. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. There was still a lot of aggression in conflict with M, hallmarked by tale telling, mutual aggression and competitiveness. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

On the other hand M in recent weeks has tended to be sullen, resentful. It was interesting that he presented himself very differently at school, where he has been seen as an able child and it was suggested that fundamental to this was perhaps the teachers handling of him. A probable explanation of this was that the teachers were responding to his promising potential, with him striving to achieve their expectations and so being given more attention, the end result being a better relationship with teachers than with staff at the unit.

They had both done family pictures. J showed her mother with a  large red mouth whilst J was perched on her step fathers shoulders, with a  very tiny M in the bottom right hand corner. M had not done a family picture but had portrayed the class with him and J sitting in it. In his picture J was saying 'im pretty' to which M was responding 'who says,' whilst the rest of the class were making semi derogatory comments.

In talking about his sessions of play therapy with the children Mr XXXXX (Psychologist) prefaced his remarks by saying that it is extremely difficult for him to make any worthwhile contribution because he had only had three sessions with each of the children. M has shown extreme awareness of his behaviour and his play had centred mainly on aggressive fights between zoo animals. For the future Mr XXXXX (Psychologist) did not know where the sessions would go. He thought the children required a further three months at the present level of attendance but was unable to make any long term recommendations.

It was agreed (1) that both children should remain at the XXXX XXXXXXXX for a further period of 3/4 weeks so that they can be prepared for their next move: (2) consideration will be given to boarding out versus residential placement and XXX XXXXXX Teacher in Charge) will be contacted for her views; (3) XX XXXXXXX (Charge Nurse) will communicate the decision re. (2) t the XXXXXXXX District Hospital in seven days time; (4) If the children can be placed within a reasonable distance of the XXXX XXXXXXXX then the play therapy sessions should continue but that was no reason for the children remaining in the hospital.



Senior Social Worker

30 July 1985/CS


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