Children's Home Review



Review held at XX XXXXXXXX XXXX on 24th March 1986



M was admitted to XX on 03/12/85 prior to living with his mother. He settled in fairly well, the fat that his sister J was already here probably helped make him feel safer here. He is a very quiet little boy quite content to be one of the crowd and soon clams up if he is made the centre of attention. His settling in period was also helped because another boy of his age was also attending the XXX  XXXXXX XXXXXXX school. The two boys quickly formed a friendship and they shared the same bedroom and went off happily to school together.

Although of slight build M is a healthy and active boy who sleeps well and eats well without any particular food fads.

M, although quiet and reserved, can be a moody little boy and he can also be very sneaky, especially where his sister is concerned. He is always aware of, and although they are not close of even friendly there is some sort of bond between them it does seem to be a love hate relationship with m often teasing and taunting J and visa versa.

M does not display any outward signs of emotion, remaining impassive, especially when his mother is around, he makes rather a show of ignoring her when she has visited the home and he never talks about her. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

In the time that M Has been at XX he has settled in well and causes no problems on a day to day handling basis, but it is obvious to us that M prefers to keep all his problems to himself and hopefully as he feels more settled and confident here with us he will feel able to talk over his worries and fears. While M is here we feel he needs something definite to look forward to i.e. a set day when his mother will be coming or when father will be coming and then he will then have something to look forward to.




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