Foster Home 1 - Review





Since the last statutory review there have been tremendous developments in M and J's circumstances.

On 10th November 1988 they were introduced to Mr and Mrs XXXXXXX (foster parents 1), prospective foster parents. There initial introduction was here at the (Children's Home) and (Foster parents 1) stayed over for tea. On 15th November (key worker) took M and J to their prospective home. On entering the home both children headed straight for the stairs to see their bedrooms and both were obviously very pleased! We kept the visit fairly short and arranged for (Foster parents 1) to come and stay with us the following weekend at the children's home.

This weekend went well and it was clear that all got on well with each other. On 19th November J and M went for an overnight stay at the foster home and these weekends continued until the 30th December when the children went for nine nights, with a  short return to the children's home in the middle. Weekends have now been extended to two nights.

Communication between (foster parents 1) and the staff at the children's home has been very good. Incidents have been discussed and it is clear that both XXXXX and XXXXX (foster parents 1) have a definite understanding of both J and M's individual needs. They are channeling the children into different areas of activities whilst still keeping a relaxed, caring family atmosphere.



Contact with father has continued on a monthly basis. On the 6th January 1989 father telephoned children home wanting to see the children, however M and J were at prospective foster parents home. Mother continues to visit on a fortnightly basis. On the 12th December a meeting was organised for natural mother to meet prospective foster parents. This meeting went very well and J and M were happy and relaxed about this. Mother has told the children that she is pleased for them and that she would visit them.



Both children are achieving well in school and their school reports are attached.



Since meeting foster parents 1 M has been relaxed and, on occasion, become a very homely lad. He enjoys being part of a family where he can be a 'boy' having no undue responsibilities put upon him.

M finds it difficult to get back into the routine at the children's home and finds having to wait to be taken to foster parents 1 very annoying, especially as he wants to go as soon as he arrives home from school.

M is clear in his mind that he wants to go and live with his foster family but is also aware that all parties concerned have to be ready for the move. I feel that it would be right for the children to move to their new family at half term.



Key Worker - January 1989.

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