The Thing



           "It is an organism that immitates other life tried to  

                    absorb the dogs and in the process immitate them."


It is winter, 1982, at the national scientific institute research facility in Antarctica, a base made for twelve individuals to carry out their work on this freezing continent. The film begins with a chopper in hot pursuit of a dog which heads towards the American base, yet when the chopper blows up and a crew member starts waving a gun around something strange is going on. The group discover that the chopper came from a nearby Norweigan base, and Macready (Kurt Russell) and a few colleagues fly over to the base in the aim of making some sense out of what they just witnessed. Instead they find frozen corpses and what can only be described as a frozen thing. yet they feel the need to bring the latter back to base for an autopsy.

The runaway dog is put with the other hounds, yet when it suddenly mutates and tries to digest all of the other dogs in the pound, the group of researchers start to wonder what is going on. The Doc discovers that the organism in the dog can imitate other life forms, it had tried to absorb the dogs and in the process imitate them. An examination of Norweigan videos shows the group that these people had discovered a space ship buried underneath the ice, and when some of them investigate the site they conclude that whatever was in there must have thawed out. A computer simulation forecasts that the population of the world could be infected 27,000 hours after the first contact is made...this doesn't look good for them at this stage.

Each member of the group begins to get suspicious of the other, noľone can trust anyone as any number of people could be this thing. Group members begin to drop like flies, either mutating into a thing and being killed by other group members, or dying mysteriously. It is left to Macready to get some sort of grip on the group and attempt to detect which of them is the thing, and who are those he can trust. And with the radios out of action, and the chopper being destroyed by someone, there is no escape. This is a classic horror film and one not to be missed, again the special effects are a little dated but it is still scary, disturbing and rather gruesome.
















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Directed by John Carpenter
Produced by David Foster
Lawrence Turman
Written by Story:
John W. Campbell, Jr.
Bill Lancaster
Starring Kurt Russell
Keith David
Wilford Brimley
David Clennon
Donald Moffat
Thomas G. Waites
Joel Polis
Peter Maloney
Charles Hallahan
T.K. Carter
Richard Dysart
Richard Masur
Music by Ennio Morricone
John Carpenter
Distributed by MCA / Universal Pictures
Release date(s) June 25, 1982
Running time 109 min.
Language English
Budget $10,000,000 (estimated)