"Oh yes the float Georgie..they float...and when you're down

                       here with me you'll float too.."


As soon as this film begins the viewer knows they are in for a scary ride, particularly if you don't like clowns (as I don't). In the town of Derry it seems that young kids are turning up dead or missing, with the latest count making it six. A local librarian seems to take an over interest in what's happening, and decides that it is time to let the others know that 'It' has come back.

As Mike (the librarian) makes contact with his six childhood friends a story is unraveled about what occurred between them some thirty years previously. We begin with Bill, who recalls the oath made by all of his friends that if 'It' was not dead they would return. He also remembers the death of his little brother Georgie at the hands of this creature we come to know as Pennywise the clown. Mike then contacts his other old friends to inform them that It was back, and one by one Ben, Eddie, Richie, Beverley and Stan recall the story of how they all met, formed a strong friendship and battled against 'It' when it was trying to take them away for good. As children they entered the sewers and managed to put this manifestation to sleep, but the beginning of the film reveals that It is back, and it is now up to this group of friends, as adults, to stop it once and for all.

The quest doesn't begin well, with one member of the lucky seven ending his own life. It also senses their return to Derry and warns them to stay away, playing on each of their fears. However they regroup and explore some of their childhood memories, as well as plotting how they will not simply put this thing to sleep for another thirty years, but to kill it. This films is an excellent horror film for a good seventy minutes, its story is excellently constructed and the menace of the clown unnerving, yet the ending is a real let down. Still it is a horror well worth watching and left me asking why they haven't made a sequel.....















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Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace
Produced by Mark Basino
Allen S. Epstein
Jim Green
Written by Stephen King (novel)
Lawrence Cohen
Tommy Lee Wallace
Starring Harry Anderson
Dennis Christopher
Richard Masur
Annette O'Toole
Tim Reid
John Ritter
Richard Thomas
Tim Curry
Music by Richard Bellis
Cinematography Richard Leiterman
Editing by David Blangsted
Robert F. Shugrue
Distributed by Warner Bros. Television
Release date(s) November 18, 1990 (USA)
Running time 192 min.
Language English