"They say that I have shed innocent blood...whats blood for if not

                    for shedding....."


The story begins with the recounting of a story of a babysitter, who invites a guy round for a little extra curricular activity, but instead prefers to look in the mirror and utter the name 'Candyman' in the mirror five times...resulting in his appearance and her death. This forms part of an investigation into urban myths, conducted by two graduates, Helen and Bernadette, and in particular into the legend of Candyman. This path leads them to discover that this entity lives in Cabrini Green, a derelict poor part of the city, where further rumour had it that a woman called Ruthie Jean also died at the hands of the Candyman.

After learning the history of the Candyman from one of her husbands friends and being attacked by a Cabrini resident calling himself the Candyman, Helen finally gets to meet the thing she has been studying. He seems to yield the power to make his victims faint, to lose consciousness, yet when she regains consciousness she is covered in blood and accused of kidnapping a child from the Cabrini area. Whilst her husband, Trevor, sticks by her at first, he soon seeks solace in one of his female students, whilst the body count continues to rise. It seems that the disbelief of the legend spurs on the Candyman, and he feels that he must kill in order for people to once again be fearful of him...and he chooses Helen to help him convey that message.

Of course noľone believes Helen's stories, and as well as being held by the police she is soon sectioned. However this doesn't keep a good woman down, and she's back in the community and attempting to rescue the child which Candyman has taken. However the Candyman has other ideas. Of course the residents of Cabrini think that it is Helen who is the Candyman killer, and her husband has a nasty shock in store at the end of the film. Can Helen rescue the child, exact revenge on her cheating husband and destroy the Candyman????













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Directed by Bernard Rose
Produced by Clive Barker
Steve Golin
Written by Bernard Rose
Starring Virginia Madsen
Tony Todd
Xander Berkeley
Vanessa Williams
Music by Philip Glass
Distributed by TriStar Pictures
Release date(s) September 11, 1992
Running time 92 min.
Language English
Budget $30,000,000


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