Candyman III



             "You must destroy the long as people believe and call his

                    name he will come back."


Los Angeles And Caroline is the last living descendant of the Candyman, daughter to Annie Taurante from the second film.  The film begins with her reviewing the old tale of how Daniel Robitaille came to die, and how he was transformed into the Candyman. However she also reveals that he was a great artist, and has maintained many of his paintings, which are used in her friend Miguel's art gallery. Caroline wants Robitaille to be remembered for his art, not the myth of the Candyman. However during the  display Caroline is goaded over the uttering of the Candyman's name five times in front of the mirror and in an effort to dispel the myth she goes ahead with it. Whilst on her way home however Candyman appears....asking her to believe in him...and yes...he's back.

It isn't long before Miguel and his blonde model meet their makers, thanks to the Candyman and his trusty hook. It isn't long before the dodgy Detective Samuel Craft' suspicions lay at Caroline's door, strengthened by the death of her room mate. She seeks help in the form of an actor she met at the art display, David. They discover that the paintings that were on display had been stolen, and believe that a gang may be responsible for this and the deaths that have occurred thus far. However it isn't long before David goes missing, held captive by the Candyman, and Caroline is in a precarious position with a gang who see themselves as his congregation who aim to keep the myth alive. As if all this isn't enough we have the Candyman himself after 'what is his' and a dodgy cop who is determined to nail whom he believes is responsible for this spate of deaths....

Ultimately Caroline is the last of Candyman's descendants and it is his will that they should at last all be together....will she be his victim??? Is the writing on the wall for her??? Is it her destiny??? Whilst I am a great fan of the original Candyman film I feel that both sequels have been a let down...and whilst the history of Robitaille was intriguing in the second film there is nothing much of interest in this third outing for Tony Todd.











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Directed by Turi Meyer
Produced by  
Written by Clive Barker Turi Meyer
Starring Tony Todd   Donna D'Errico   Alexia Robinson   Mark Adair-Rios    Lupe Ontiveros
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1999
Running time 93 minutes
Language English


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