"You wanna watch what you call my car..........she's real sensitive."


It is 1978 in the state of California, and best friends Arnie Cunningham and Dennis are now seniors at their school. Arnie is a spectacled geek and we see him getting bullied by the local meatheads, yet his mate Dennis is on hand, yet Arnie sees himself simply as a charity case. On the way home from school however he spots a car, well a real rust bucket, and buys it from a sinister old man named George for $250, who tells him that the previous owner died in it. Unpeturbed Arnie takes it home, only to be met by the wrath of his parents who ban him from keeping the car at home. Instead he takes it down to the local garage and vows to fix the car up himself. However noľone holds out much hope, as the garage owner states 'you cant polish a turd.'

Weeks pass and Dennis sees nothing of Arnie, and when he chats up the new girl at school he finds out she has someone else....Arnie. His car is a gleaming, new machine and even Arnie has changed, gone are the glasses and the geeky boy we once new. This is all too much for Dennis, who sees Arnie, the car and his new bird, and he ends up in hospital after taking his eye of the ball during a footy match. After a time Arnie's new woman begins to feel a hatred towards Christine, and before we know it the car locks her in and she is choking...yet on this occasion she is saved. The local bullies take it upon themselves to smash Christine up...yet Arnie's devastation is short lived as she soon repairs herself...and takes wicked revenge upon those who inflicted the damage.

As Arnie's best friend and girlfriend become more concerned for him his personality changes further, and upon describing the meaning of real love he soon puts his friend right...this is not for his girlfriend but for Christine. More deaths follow and the police become suspicious of Arnie...and then we have the final showdown. An great horror film that twists and turns...and the ending certainly lives up to the build up.












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Directed by John Carpenter
Produced by Richard Kobritz
Larry J. Franco
Written by Novel:
Stephen King
Bill Phillips
Starring Keith Gordon
John Stockwell
Alexandra Paul
Music by John Carpenter
Alan Howarth
Release date(s) 1983
Running time 110 min.
Language English


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