The Fog



        "The celebration tonight is a travesty...honouring murderers who

           used false light and fog to lure a ship and her crew to their deaths."


The film begins with the recounting of a story to some kids, the story of a ship called the Elizabeth Duke sinking close to the shore of Antonio Bay, taking its crew with her and being enshrouded by a dense fog. The storyteller goes on to say that the fog receded after that and never came back, but when it does return the men will rise and seek for the camp fire that led them to their deaths......

We then switch to Father Malone, a heavy drinking clergyman who is shocked to discover his grandfathers journal following the falling of a stone from the wall. It reveals how the sinking of the ship was no accident, but planned by a group of six people (including the Fathers grandfather) who were blinded by thoughts of riches. At the same time he discovers this journal, just after midnight (100 years after sinking of ship), the local town suffers tremors, machinery starting up on its own and other odd happenings. Out at sea the Seagrass fishing trawler is the first to be engulfed by a rolling bank of fog, with the three crew members killed by figures rising out of the fog. The fog continues to the shore and Nick and his new hitchhiking girlfriend Elizabeth (Jamie Lee Curtis) narrowly miss the same fate as at 1.00am the fog rolled back from the shores.

The following evening the fog again rolls in from the sea and it seems that all of the inhabitants of Antonio Bay are in danger..yet what is it that the fog (and its mysterious figures that walk within it) want with the present day population. It seems that the fathers journal may have the answers, but are most people to busy celebrating the 100th anniversary of the town to notice the oncoming fog......This is a classic film taken from a great horror story, and whilst the special effects may look a little dated it is still a chilling story and a must for every horror fan.














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Directed by John Carpenter
Produced by Charles B. Bloch
Debra Hill
Barry Bernardi
Pegi Brotman
Written by John Carpenter
Debra Hill
Starring Adrienne Barbeau
Jamie Lee Curtis
Janet Leigh
John Houseman
Music by John Carpenter
Cinematography Dean Cundey
Editing by Charles Bornstein
Tommy Lee Wallace
Distributed by MGM
Release date(s) February 8, 1980
Running time 89 min.
Language English


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