Graveyard Shift



                              "I don't mind telling you, this place is infested."


In Gates Falls,Maine,an old textile mill that has been closed down for many years is reopened. A young drifter (John Hall) has been working at the textile mill in the decrepit Maine town when his boss, a cruel taskmaster (Mr Warwick), recruits him and others to assist with a massive cleaning effort. The basement of the centuries-old mill has been abandoned for decades, and over the years, a monumental infestation of rats has taken hold. hall himself needs the money, and whilst at the hands of his workmates he is the butt of cruel jokes....he takes a shine to a female worker (Jane) and they strike up a partnership. He forms  further allegiance with a specialist rat exterminator (Brad Dourif), although the latter doesn’t stick around for that long......

As the cleaning crews progress through the subterranean passages, headed by Mr Warwick, they are horrified to find that the years of isolation and darkness have triggered disturbing changes in the vermin: most have grown to the sizes of small dogs, while others have grown so large that they have no hind legs. They eventually come across a sub-basement, locked from the inside, that harbors something more terrifying and hideous than any of the men could have dreamed - a cow-sized überrat, with no eyes or legs, only breeding more rats.

Of course the crew investigate the varying tunnels and catacombs...before eventually being picked off by this monster. They stumble across its home and discover thousands of human bones and remains...and so there is no guessing what this monster lives on!! Can the crew escape the flesh eating monster...and will the nasty Mr Warwick get what's coming to him???

















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Directed by Ralph S. Singleton
Produced by

Ralph S. Singleton & William J. Dunn

Written by Stephen King

David Andrews Stephen Macht Kelly Wolf Brad Dourif , Vic Polizos Robert Alan Bleuth,       Ilona Margolis

Music by

Brian Banks & Anthony Marinelli

Photography Peter Stein
Editing by  
Distributed by Larry Sugar Entertainment
Release date(s) 1990
Running time 89 minutes
Language English
Budget Not known


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