The Fly



    Whaddaya think, a fly? Am I becoming a hundred-and-eighty-five-pound fly?

       No, I'm becoming something that never existed before. I'm becoming...

            Brundlefly. Don't you think that's worth a Nobel Prize or two?


Goldblum plays Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist. He meets Veronica Quaife (Davis), a journalist for Particle magazine, at a party held by Bartok Science Industries, which provides funds for Brundle's work. Brundle takes Veronica back to his warehouse laboratory (where he also lives) and shows her his invention: a set of "telepods" that allow instantaneous teleportation of an object from one pod to another. Veronica is highly impressed and eventually agrees to document Seth's work. Although the telepods can transport inanimate objects perfectly, they do not work correctly on living things. Seth unintentionally demonstrates this horrific fact when he attempts to teleport a baboon, which is killed when it is reintegrated inside-out. Seth and Veronica soon begin a romantic relationship, and their first sexual encounter inspires Seth. He realizes the machine is not perfectly recreating living objects but is rather "interpreting" them, and sets about reprogramming the telepod computer to cope with life.

Seth then succeeds in teleporting a baboon with no apparent harm. However Brundle's judgment soon becomes impaired by alcohol and his paranoid fear that Veronica is secretly rekindling her relationship with her editor and former lover Stathis Borans (Getz) when she suddenly departs before they can celebrate. In reality, Veronica has gone to confront Borans about his continuing interference in her life. Unaware of this, a drunk and jealous Brundle decides to teleport himself. Just before the telepod door automatically closes, a common housefly gets into the pod with him without his knowledge. Brundle emerges from the receiving telepod, seemingly normal.

In the immediate aftermath of his teleportation, Seth reconciles with Veronica, and begins to exhibit a sense of intoxicating euphoria, as well as heightened strength, endurance, and sexual potency. However, he soon becomes violent and arrogant, and when Veronica refuses to be teleported, Brundle abandons her, claiming that she cannot "keep up" with him. Brundle then meets a voluptuously sleazy woman named Tawny at a bar (and takes her home for the night), but the next morning, Veronica arrives in time to prevent Brundle from forcibly teleporting her. Eventually, Brundle learns that the telepod computer, confused by the presence of two separate life-forms in the sending pod, merged him with the fly at the genetic level, and realizes that he is slowly becoming a hybrid creature that is neither insect nor human.....











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Directed by David Cronenberg
Produced by Stuart Cornfield
Written by Short story:
George Langelaan
Charles Edward Pogue
David Cronenberg
Starring Jeff Goldblum
Geena Davis
John Getz
Music by Howard Shore
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) August 15th, 1986
Running time 95 min.
Language English
Budget $15,000,000 (est.)


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