Alien 3



     "It is an eight foot creature of some kind with acid for blood and it arrived

         on your spaceship–it kills on sight and is generally unpleasent"


Ripley, Newt and Hicks drift through space...having escaped the carnage of the second installment....yet the ship they travel on experiences some form of fire and part of it detaches from the main ship...and heads towards the nearest planet....Fiorina Fury 161...a Double Y chromosome maximum security correctional facility. There is of course only one survivor of their crash landing....yes you guessed it...and when Ripley wakes the first thing she wants to do is check her ship to ascertain how her crew members died. Now it is clear that the crew died of identifiable causes....but with facility housing twenty five murderers, rapists and violent men you'd think that this would be Ripley's primary concern...until you see the pet dog, Spike, squirming and being ripped apart by an alien....

It would seem that this prison had been closed many years ago...yet a small band of prisoners who had embraced religion decided to stay. One such resident, the local GP, more than befriends Ripley, yet Superintendant Andrews is not quite so caring, and is concerned that Ripley's presence presents temptation and possible chaos to his smooth running machine. Whilst Andrews receives word that 'the company' are on the way to pick up Ripley, who is described as 'high priority,' Ripley battles some prisoners who find her irrisistable, and discovers through a ragged looking Bishop that her escape ship contained an alien and that the company knew about it!!

As prisoners begin to drop like flies at the hands of the alien, Ripley bands the men together and they plan to destroy the alien...which doesn't go all that well. As the alien runs riot, and Ripley begins to show signs of some sort of illness, things don't get any better when more die and the company draw closer to the site.......Ripley has some tough decisions to make and hardly any time to make them....This film is well worth the watch and is a worthy installment of the alien Quadrology.


















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Directed by David Fincher
Produced by Gordon Carroll
David Giler
Walter Hill
Written by (Characters)
Dan O'Bannon
Ronald Shusett
Vincent Ward
David Giler
Walter Hill
Larry Ferguson
Starring Sigourney Weaver
Charles S. Dutton
Charles Dance
Paul McGann
Lance Henriksen
Distributed by 20th Century Fox
Release date(s) May 22, 1992
Running time 114 min./145 min. (2003 Special 'Assembly Cut' Edition)
Language English
Budget $50,000,000


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