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The Creeper is an ancient demon who feeds on human beings for twenty-three days every twenty-third Spring.

The creeper awakens at the beginning of every 23rd Spring. Within this period, he has 23 days to eat. He is shown to only eat humans. The Creeper only consumes organs or organic material from a person for his own biding. He then either uses the remaining body parts as tools for weapons, or later nourishment for his survival. In Jeepers Creepers 2, the Creeper used a sharp tool to easily puncture very thick tyres. It is not clear where the Creeper sleeps and hibernates during his 23 years of dormancy, alhough you think that would be the case. In the first Jeepers Creepers, the Creeper had his own little "shack" of victims at the end of the movie. This is assumed to be where he sleeps. Another theory, presented in Jeeper Creepers 2, is that the Creeper sleeps underground so that he is not found while asleep.

To hide his demonic features, the Creeper is always dressed in a long, tattered duster and face-concealing cowboy hat. In the first film, he also wears heavy boots. When unclothed, the Creeper is revealed to have very mottled green and brown skin. A pair of wing-like mandibles or skin flaps are located on each side of his face (and apparently spread when he is in high stress or enraged). He also posseses a huge pair of batlike wings on his back, which fold up tightly enough that they are completely unnoticeable underneath his coat.

The Creeper has the unique ability to regenerate his own version of whatever body part he devours, and has allegedly survived throughout the ages since Biblical times using this ability, replenishing its deteriorated body by feeding on people for twenty-three days in twenty-three year cycles. The ability also works as a form of healing factor, as the Creeper can discard injured or maimed body parts after ingesting a replacement version.

Physiologically, the Creeper is humanoid, but with green scaly skin and razor sharp claws and teeth.  The Creeper possesses a keen sense of smell. When humans experience fear around him, their bodies give off a scent which helps him detect organs he may need from them. In the second film it is revealed that to 'smell fear', the Creeper uses a third nostril that slits down his nose.










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