'Tell them there is someone that deals in wishes.....but tell them                                                  quickly while you still have a soul.'


The film commences in Persia, 1127AD and the king is granted a second wish by a mysterious creature that has the ability to make wishes come true. The king asks to be shown wonders - yet it results I his people dying horrific deaths and forms of torture. However an alchemist presents a opal, telling the king that he must not make three wishes and the wishmaster is confined to this opal......

We then move to dockyards in present day America and the delivery of some cultural ornaments for one Raymond Beaumont (Robert Englund). Whilst unloading however one of the statues is broken by a clumsy, drunken crane driver, Torelli. The Ahura Mazda, which is the statue, reveals a hidden gemstone within, and the lucky workmen who finds it wastes no time in selling it to a local pawnbroker. The stone ends up with Alexandra, who takes it to her friend Josh at the geo physics lab for further analysis....yet no sooner is she experiencing strange visions that her friend Alex I found dead....the wishmaster has escaped.

Whilst the Djinn goes about his business, collecting souls for wishes and making himself known t Alex, she investigates the gem stones source and history - discovering that the stone was bound for Beaumont's museum and that the statue it was encased in hides the stone from harm. one of Beaumont's workers tells Alex about the story of the Djinn's capture and its need for three wishes from the person who awoke him - Alex - whilst the Police, who are investigating the death of josh, pull the Djinn into the station, with the Djinn having taken on a human form and going by the name of Nathaniel. Of course the wishmaster is only interested in the whereabouts of Alexandra...and the number of souls he collects along the way continue to increase.

The Djinn uses Alex's sister in an attempt to make Alex wish three times, with the overall aim of bringing forth his legions to our world and overthrowing humanity. Is there any way out for Alex??? How can she defeat the Djinn???












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Directed by Robert Kurtzman
Produced by  
Written by Peter Atkins
Starring Tammy Lauren Andrew Divoff  Robert Englund Chris Lemmon Wendy Benson-Landes Ricco Ross
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1997
Running time 90 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not known


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