Wishmaster II



                       'The time has come....fulfill the prophecy....make your wishes'


The second film picks up wit the statue of Ahura Mazda located within the museum, and what appears to be a robbery is taking place. A shootout between security and the robbers ensues, resulting in the statue being damaged and the gemstone falling to the floor. of course the robbers take the stone, and whilst one of them gets shot and is left holding the stone the female (Morgana) who activated the gemstone, escapes. As the police arrive the Djinn makes his appearance, and is arrested for the shootings. The Djinn, again in the human form of Nathaniel Demarest, admits to carrying out the shootings and in incarcerated at the local jail. Meanwhile Morgana cannot believe what she sees on the news - Demarest confessing, no news of her boyfriends death (Nico -one of the robbers) and on top of that she is experiencing weird visions.

Whilst the Djinn uses the prison environment to collect his souls Morgana attempts to make sense of the events going on around her. She enlists the help of an old flame, Father Gregory, and learns that the statue Ahura Mazda was the keeper of the stone. Father Gregory, cynical at first, goes to see Demarest at prison and warns him away from Morgana, but the Djinn makes his intentions clear. The couple investigate the origins of the Djinn further and discover that the stone imprisons it, keeping it between two worlds, and that once it has collected a number of souls it will come for Morgana.

Demarest enlists the assistance of a Russian prisoner and it doesn't take long for them t walk out of prison, but the Djinn is frustrated as he needs 1001 souls, and he needs another 800. His Russian ally points him in the direction of the local casino, and it doesn't take long for Morgana and Father Gregory to turn up at the casino for the final showdown.......














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Directed by Jack Sholder
Produced by  
Written by Jack Sholder

Andrew Divoff Paul Johansson Holly Fields   Oleg Vidov Bokeem Woodbine  Robert LaSardo

Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s)  
Running time 96 Minutes
Language English


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