Wishmaster III



                  'Just like the old days Micheal....the angels running around the Djinn like sheep...."


The story begins with Diana Collins having a nightmare about the death of her parents in a car crash...and her boyfriend Greg seems worried about her health. She brushes it off and appears to have everything going for her..she is a teaching assistant at a prestigious college and studies comparative religion and mythology under her guru, professor Barash. Whilst waiting for Barash after lectures she comes across some of his post, treasures of Persia, and cant resist opening it. She uncovers a puzzle box and solves it...with the box opening and yielding a gemstone.

The professor turns up and Diana leaves...but she has awoken the Djinn and it isn't long before he takes on the form of the professor. Diana begins to experience visions and hurries back to see the professor, but he has gone, and so she takes the puzzle box and scriptures. As she researches the subject, and concludes that Barash is possessed by a Djinn, the Djinn begins granting wishes and searches for she who awoke him...killing her friends in the process. Diana's friends are skeptical, but soon realise she is telling the truth....but is it too late? The Wishmaster manages to grant Diana one wish, and she then makes a second, invoking the spirit of St Micheal, who possesses Greg's body. Great battles have ensued in the past between the angels and the Djinn, and another is about to take place.

St Micheal brings with him the sword of justice, and states that only the waker can kill the Djinn, yet the Djinn has his own ideas about getting Diana to make her third wish - and open the gates of hell. Will the Djinn finally triumph???? Or can St Micheal and Diana send the Djinn back to his prison???













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Directed by Chris Angel
Produced by  
Written by Alex Wright
Starring John Novak Tobias Mehler Jason Connery  A.J. Cook Emmanuelle Vaugier Louisette Geiss
Music by  
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date(s) 2001
Running time 89 Minutes
Language Englsih
Budget Not known   


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