Wishmaster IV



                              'Leave no soul unturned......Evil has never been so seductive...'


The story opens with a young couple, Lisa and Max (Tara Spencer-Nairn and Jason Thompson), purchasing their first house. However wethen move three years into the future - Max has lost the use of his legs in a motorcycle crash and his biterness causes a serious rift in his relationship with Lisa, who finds herself drawn more and more to the lawyer Steven (Micheal Trucco). He feels the same way, and tries to impress Lisa by giving her an ornate case - but she's spooked by something after a jewel is dislodged...and yes...the Djinn can be located inside the jewel, and after killing Steven and using his idenity hes back to take over the world. However the same catch presents itself.....can he get Lisa to make those three wishes so that the gates to hell can be opended????

The answer to the abobve question is that the Djinn does actually get to grant Lisa three wishes....but along the way he also finds himself developing feelings for her, which complicates matters. A further complication is the emergence of a 'hunter' who appears to have been sent to stop Lisa making this final wish - he tells Lisa that she must die for the good of the universe. We then see battles between this hunter and the Djinn, and Lisa and the Djinn. We also see the legions of hell emerge....can Lisa save the earth of will the Djinn finally open the gates????

Thes film is I feel a departure from the three films that preceded it - the Djinn appears to be slightly sympathetic instead of being downright evil....and he finds hinmself falling in love with the heroine!! Whether such a move is good or bad - I will let you decide....















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Directed by Chris Angel
Produced by  
Written by John Benjamin Martin
Starring Tara Spencer-Nairn Michael Trucco Jason Thompson John Novak  Victor Webster John Benjamin Martin Kimberly Huie
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 2002
Running time 90 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated 


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