Zombie Flesh Eaters



                'A fisherman said that he saw his wife......but she had been

                          dead for two days...'


An apparently abandoned yacht drifts into New York Harbor, and the Harbor Patrol investigates. On board, a huge rotting man kills one of the patrolmen, by tearing out his neck with his teeth. The remaining patrolman Bill manages to knock the hulking man into the sea by blasting him with his revolver several times.

A young woman named Anne Bowels is questioned by the police when it is discovered that the boat belonged to her father. She does not know anything except that her father left for a tropical island to do research. A reporter named Peter West is assigned by his news editor (director Lucio Fulci in a cameo) to get the story on the mysterious boat. Anne and Peter meet on the boat and decide to work together after finding a note from Anne's father. The note says that he is on the island of Matool and that he has come down with a strange disease. Anne and Peter enlist the aid of a seafaring couple, Brian Hull and Susan Barrett, to help find Matool.

On the way to th eisland the boat stops whilst Susan dives to take some photos - and whilst undwer the sea she spots  a shark. Unfortunately the shark spots her and looks for a quick bite...but wha appears to be a man collars the shark and takes it on....whats happening?? Susan panicks and returns to the boat, which unfortunately suffers some damage....

On Matool, Dr. David Menard is hard at work studying the island's secrets. Matool is a cursed place where the dead rise to attack the living, and Menard is determined to find out why. When Anne, Peter, Brian, and Susan reach Matool, the island itself seems to come alive, vomiting forth all the dead buried on the island to kill them.

In the end, all of the island's inhabitants and Susan fall victim to the walking dead; Brian is also infected and dies soon afterwards. Peter and Anne manage to escape by boat, taking the now undead Brian with them as evidence for their story. Shortly after the group leaves the island and reaches the open ocean they receive a radio message that, to their great horror and dismay, the undead have attacked New York City. Marty, the policeman killed by the zombie - and his killer itself - have infected the New York population, explosively multiplying the zombie army beyond any hope of control......
















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Directed by Lucio Fulci 
Produced by Fabrizio De Angelis
Ugo Tucci
Written by Elisa Briganti
Dardano Sacchetti
Starring Tisa Farrow
Ian McCulloch
Richard Johnson
Al Cliver
Auretta Gay
Stefania D'Amario
Olga Karlatos Ugo Bologna Dakkar Franco Fantasia Leo Gavero Mónica Zanchi
Music by Fabio Frizzi Giorgio Cascio Adrianno Giordanell Maurizio Guarini
Distributed by Anchor Bay
Release date(s) August 25, 1979
Running time 91 minutes
Language Italian (English dub.)
Budget ITL 410,000,000  


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