'Cujo???...Oh my god your'


The film is set in a fictitious town of Castle Rock, and the Cambers famiy live just outside the town with their pet dog Cujo. Whilst hunting in th fields around the Camber's huse Cujo is bitten by a bat that is affeted by rabies. Whilst the dog begins to sucumb to the disease Joe's son and wife leave on a trip to visit relatives. Soon after this the dog loses control and attacks and kills the Camber's neighbour Gary Perveir. Poor old Joe arrives to pick Gary up as the two had planned their own vacation whilst his wife is away, but Gary is dead and before he can call the Police Cujo dispatches him as well.

Meanwhile the Trenton's, who comprise of Vic, Donna and four year old Tad, are experiencing their won problems as poor old Vic discovers that his wife has been playing away. It is made worse by the fact that Vic's business is failing, and in an effort to salvage it Vic has to take a trip to Boston and New York. So Donna and Tad are home alone, and they decide to take their failing car to the Camber's home for repair. On the way the car breaks down, well just as they reach the farm, and no-one is there....apart from Cujo....

So we are left with a three day struggle as Donna and Tad are stuck in their broken down car...and as well as a hungry, rabid dog the pair have to deal with hunger, thirst and fantasies of escape, in what is the hottest summer experienced by Castle Rock. The Sherrif of Castle Rock, George Bannerman, turns up but doesn't last long.....and Vic gets suspicious when no one answers the phone at home, he decides to return home. Can he get home in time and what will happen to Donna and Tad.....















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Directed by Lewis Teague
Produced by  
Written by Stephen King Lauren Currier   Don Carlos Dunaway
Starring Dee Wallace Danny Pintauro Christopher Stone Daniel Hugh Kelly Ed Lauter
Music by  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1983
Running time 91 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated


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