You're going to make a wonderful contribution to society.


Bill Whitney seems to have it all. His family is wealthy and he lives in a mansion in Beverley Hills. He's popular at his high school, looks to be dead cert for class president, has a cheerleeder girlfriend and owns a new Jeep. Despite this, he feels as though he doesn't fit in with his family or their high-society friends. When his sister's ex-boyfriend Blanchard gives him a surreptitiously recorded tape of what sounds like his family engaged in a vile, murderous orgy, Bill begins to suspect that his feelings are justified.....

Bill gives the tape to his therapist Dr. Cleveland to listen to. When he comes back for his appointment, Dr. Cleveland plays the tape back for Bill. The audio has now changed and now merely contains the sounds of his sister Jenny enjoying her coming out party. Bill insists that what he'd heard before was real and calls Blanchard to get another copy. When he arrives at their meeting place, Bill discovers an ambulance and police officers gathered around Blanchard's crashed van. A body is placed into the back of the ambulance, but Bill is prevented from seeing its face.

At Blanchard's funeral, Bill and his friend Milo discover that Blanchard's corpse either needed a lot of reconstructive work for display, or isn't real. After the funeral and at the encouragement of his parents, Bill attends a party hosted by his upper-class classmate Ferguson. There, Ferguson lasciviously confirms that the first audio tape Bill listened to -- with the sounds of an orgy on it -- was the real tape. Angry and confused, he leaves the party with Clarissa, a beautiful girl he'd been admiring....and one thing needs to anoher...

Bill returns home the next day and confronts his parents and sister, who are all in the master bedroom dressed in lingerie. With Dr. Cleveland's help, they drug Bill. As Milo secretly trails him, Bill is taken to a hospital. Bill awakens in a hospital bed and thinks he hears Blanchard crying out, but discovers that nothing is there. He leaves the hospital and finds his Jeep waiting for him. Milo tried to warn him, but he drives back to his house.

Back home again, Bill finds a large, formal party. He is snared by the neck and Dr. Cleveland reveals all of the secrets he has been searching for. He is not really related to his family after all. In fact, his family and their high-society friends are an actual different species from Bill. To demonstrate, they bring in a still-living Blanchard. The wealthy party guests strip to their underwear and begin "shunting." The rich literally feed off of the poor, as they deform and meld with each other as they suck the nutrients out of Blanchard's body. Their intention is to do to the same to Bill. In a fight with Ferguson, Bill manages to pull the pliable Ferguson inside-out. With Milo and Clarissa's help -- who is also of this alternate species, but has fallen in love with Bill -- he escapes.










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Directed by Brian Yuzna
Produced by Paul White
Keizo Kabata
Terry Ogisu
Keith Walley
Written by Woody Keith
Rick Fry
Starring Billy Warlock
Devin DeVasquez
Evan Richards
Ben Meyerson
Music by Mark Ryder
Phil Davies
Distributed by Wild Street Pictures
Release date(s) 1992
Running time 95 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated


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