The Tommyknockers



  You can't run. You can't hide. You can only become... One of them.


Jimmy Smits and Marg Helgenberger star as Gard and Bobbi, a pair of washed-up writers living in Haven Falls, Maine. Gard, an alcoholic poet, and Bobbi haven't written a book between them in years, but they seem to live comfortably in a large house on a huge property just outside of town.

Behind them, in a reputedly haunted wood, they discover what appears to be the top of an ancient marble temple that glows green when you touch it. They soon find that the mysterious green glow gives them a power (it even cures Bobbi's dog), a gift that almost everyone in town eventually accepts, except Gard. A metal plate in his head prevents the force from getting through to him.

We soon realize, however, that the power is malevolent, and most of the town comes under its control. Strange things are happening.....machinery seems to have a mind of its own, innocent objects like toys come to life....people begin to dissapear.....and the town appears to cut itself off from the rest of civilised society....and so it is left to Jimmy, who we all know is immune to developing green eyes and his teeth falling out, to battle to save the town.

















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Directed by John Power
Produced by Jayne Bieber Jane Scott
Written by Stephen King Lawrence D. Cohen
Starring Jimmy Smits Allyce Beasley Marg Helgenberger Robert Carradine John Ashton Joanna Cassidy Annie Corley
Music by
Christopher Franke  
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 9 May 1993
Running time 181 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated


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