Beyond the darkness terror lives forever.


The movie opens with Chuck, Pam, and Bobbi, three youths just out of college, hanging out in a cabin somewhere, trading bad ghost stories. Bobbi tells of the Hellgate Hitchhiker, who is said to haunt the surroundings of the cabin in which they are staying. Some thirty years ago a gang of bikers called the Strangers attempted to rape a teenage girl at a local diner. They were driven off by the manager, but they took the girl with them to a nearby roadside attraction called Lucas Carlysle’s Hellgate, an imitation 1890’s ghost town. There, they made another attempt to rape the girl, but they were again stopped, this time by Lucas Carlysle -- the girl’s father, who killed their leader with a hatchet.

Carlysle was unsuccessful in his rescue attempt as one of the bikers ran over the girl whilst escaping. Much time passed, and the advent of the interstate highway system brought Hellgate to the brink of ruin. Then one day, an employee of Carlyle’s found a mysterious glowing crystal in the old goldmine exhibit. This crystal exhibited remarkable supernatural powers, so the worker brought it to his boss, who found that he could bring things back to life; namely his daughter....Josie. She wanders the roads, hitching rides with out of towners...whom she leads to the old theme park to their grisly end...

Back in the present day the three youths are awaiting the arrival of Matt, Pam's bloke. As he searches for the cabin he picks the hitch hiker up and agrees to take the girl back home...to the Carlyle mansion. He gets seduced by this girl...Josie....but makes his way to the cabin when her father turns up.

Matt becomes determined to return to the mansion, for reasons that are, at best, difficult to understand. I suppose it has something to do with solving the mystery of Hellgate, or perhaps something to do with seeing Josie. In any event, he convinces his three friends to accompany him. In their travels about the old theme park, they encounter a great many ghost/zombie creatures. Pam and Josie meet and fight over Matt, and things get worse for the gang when Carlyle and his cronies turn up.......












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Directed by
William A. Levey  
Produced by Sudhir Pragjee
Written by Michael O'Rourke
Starring Ron Palillo Abigail Wolcott  Carel Trichardt Petrea Curran Evan J. Klisser Joanne Warde
Music by
Barry Fasman    
Dana Walden    
Distributed by  
Release date(s) 1989
Running time 96 Minutes
Language English
Budget Not stated


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